Reality TV casting LA


Auditions in Los Angeles

Workaholic husbands

Are you frustrated with your workaholic husband? Are your kids missing their dad because of his long hours at work? Do you feel like a single parent?

This new reality docu-series for Discovery Studios will be following 10 families in the Los Angeles area that have a workaholic parent.

Over the course of 6 days families will come together, reconnect and find creative solutions for better balance in their family’s life.

Families MUST have at least two children between the ages of 8-17.

Specifically looking for families that have conflict because of the issue.

Interested families should contact us as soon as possible by e-mailing the following:

1. Names and ages of each family member
2. City and state in which you live
3. Contact phone number
4. Challenges faced in the family because of busy work schedule
5. How you originally heard about this opportunity
6. Attach a few photos of you and your family