Seeking individuals who are paralyzed for a indie documentary | UK

By | March 22, 2010

UK casting call seeking individuals who are paralyzed for a indie documentary. The short film is called “The Ghost Within” and will be shot in and around the London or Oxford areas.
Accompanied by an entourage of highly professional crew and equipment, I am in search of individuals (and their families) who are paralysed in some way and who suffer, or benefit from it in a powerful way.

I intend to make a documentary about either one or a few selected individuals and their stories to raise awareness about the subject to the general public.
The film will reach festivals and possibly TV distribution.
I would like to shoot at the individual’s home and in a hospital, if they are based there at any point.
I intend to send out a message that most people are not aware of. And uncover the secrets of paralysis.

Candidates can be of ANY origin and of ANY age or gender, but should live or be based in England, preferably Oxford or London (or nearby).

this is a non-paid gig

Please apply directly to Francesco at iwitnessed images from the following email

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