The Adventures of Huey Buffet (short film)

The Adventures of Huey Buffet is a Highly professional 3rd year University project That will be filmed Early April (Aprox. 12th – 18th). The Story follows Huey Buffet, a lazy Post grad, and his best Friend Clark as they try and figure out what to do about the beautiful Alien girl that has just appeared in their back garden. What follows is a fast paced comedy full of antics and action. The Attempt is to try and recreate, and pay homage to, the Successful films of the 80’s such as, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Back to The Future and Weird Science.

We are looking for two Female Actors to take part in this ambitious project. If your are interested please get in touch. We are Auditioning Saturday the 6th of March in the Preforming arts dept of edge hill University. Further Info will be given pending application.

F’artd/Holly – A sexy Alien with an attitude problem and an extremely negative view on human life. She has traveled to Earth to destroy it, but Huey and Clark may be able to convince her otherwise…

Tina – Huey’s Evil Ex, and will stop at nothing to make his life a misery and leave him feel like an idiot. She is the ultimate ‘Super Bitch’

Roles will be credited, you will also receive a copy of the film for your protfolio. This is a low to no budget production, unfortunately we cannot offer compensation.

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