Theater Auditions

By | April 24, 2010

SOUTHLAND AREA THEATRE ENSEMBLE – Auditions will take place starting at noon May 16 and 5 p.m. May 18 at Governors State University’s Sherman Recital Hall, off University Parkway east of Governors Highway, University Park, for “The Wedding Singer.”
The roles for the SLATE production will feature no pay and are non-Equity. Rehearsals will be three or four times a week starting in late May. The show will be performed at the Center for Performing Arts at GSU starting July 31 and running until Aug. 7.
Actors are being sought for the following roles, with the ages listed being “stage ages,” which do not have to match the actors’ real ages.
Robbie Hart, a rock tenor, plays guitar and is from age 25 to 35. A musician and lead singer for a trio that plays at weddings, he is charismatic yet insecure with “puppy dog” appeal.
Glen Guglia, a baritone, is from age 30 to 45. He is a calculating, money-loving Wall Street type.
Sammy, who plays guitar, is from age 25 to 35. Robbie’s friend and trio guitarist, Sammy is not bright but is well-meaning and supportive.
George, a strong falsetto, is a comic role from age 25 to 35. Robbie’s flamboyantly gay friend and fellow trio member, George is modeled after Boy George.
Julia Sullivan, a soprano, is from age 25 to 35. Robbie’s friend, Julia is a sweet and understanding yet naive waitress for a catering firm. She is also a comedic ingenue.
Linda is a rocker from age 20 to 30. Robbie’s trashy, oversexed girlfriend, Linda, is a Pat Benatar type.
Holly, a pop fan, is from age 20 to 30. Holly is Julia’s bubbly, uninhibited and loveable cousin.
Rosie is a soprano in a comic role who is age 50 or older. She is Robbie’s feisty grandmother.
Impersonators also are sought for Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Mr. T., Tina Turner, Imelda Marcos, Billy Idol and Cyndi Lauper.
The ensemble will feature several singers, dancers and actors with many dance and vocal solos as well as spoken character acting roles.
Those auditioning should complete the audition and conflict forms from to be turned in to the production staff at auditions.
Information: (708) 235-2824