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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Hackettstown, NJ


CONTACT: Catherine Rust 908-979-0900

Local auditions for all roles in the upcoming production of OLIVER at the Centenary Stage Company (CSC) in Hackettstown, NJ will be held at the new David and Carl Lackland Center theatre, on the campus of Centenary College, on Wednesday, Sept 15 from 2:30 PM – 9:00 PM, with a dinner break at 5:30 PM.

This is a non-Equity call, and all rolls are open. See Character Breakdown below. Performers should prepare a song for the audition.

Actors may elect to call 908-979-0900 x 8 for specific appointment time. The play will be performed in the Sitnik theatre of the new Lackland Center, opening Nov 26 and running through Dec 12, 2010.

For more information contact CSC at 908-979-0900 x 8, or log on to

Centenary Stage Company


Cast Breakdown

Oliver Twist – The protagonist of the story, he is a lonely orphan boy born in the workhouse, This actor must appear to be about 10 years old – boy – a strong actor who sings and dances.

Fagin – A conniving career criminal, he takes in homeless boys and teaches them to pick pockets for him. He is the leader of Fagin’s gang – a band of London pickpockets and thieves – this actor must appear to be 40 – 60 years of age – musical performer – must have great character skills. Singing, light dancing.

Nancy – 25 – 40. Trusted and resourceful member of Fagin’s gang. Untidy and free in manner, but “there was something of the woman’s original nature left in her still.” – requires a singer/dancer/actress.

Bill Sikes – 35 – 50, Nancy’s brutal boyfriend – A ruthless felon associated with Fagin; he is violent, and abusive, his anger likely to erupt at any moment.

Artful Dodger – 16 – 19, A charming, young con-man and protege of Fagin; older than the other boys in Fagin’s Gang – actor/singer with strong dance skills and a dynamic stage presence.
Mr. Bumble – 35 – 50 – the parish beadle – Mr. Bumble oversees the operations of the work house where Oliver lives as a child. He is a bully with a great idea of his oratorical powers and his importance. Singer/actor role.

Widow Corney – 35 – 50- comic role –Matron of the workhouse and female sidekick to Mr. Bumble. Singer/actor role.

Other Roles:

Bet (15-18) Nancy’s younger friend, one of Fagin’s former pickpockets. – Singing role

Mr. Sowerberry 40 – 60, the undertaker, a classic Dickensian character tall/thin – comic song.

Mrs. Sowerberry- 30 – 60 – comic wife of Mr. Sowerberry. – Singing role

Mrs Bedwin – 35 – 50 – Mr Brownlow’s friendly housekeeper. – Singing role

Mr. Brownlow – 50 – 65. Oliver’s long lost relative. Non-singing role
Dr Grimwig – 40 – 50 – Doctor. Non-singing role

Charley Bates – 13 -15, Dodger’s sidekick – a member of Fagin’s gang. Non-singing role

Charlotte- the young (15-20) year old worker in the funeral home. Non-singing role

Noah Claypole – 15 – 20, A charity boy employed by Sowerberry who bullies Oliver. Non-singing role

Old Sally – An old beggar woman. Non-singing role

Dr. Grimwig – A stout old gentleman. Non-singing role

Eensemble – Workers in the warehouse, thieves, London merchants, street vendors, bar keeps, policemen etc. Strong singing and dancing required, Workhouse Boys, & Fagain’s Gang who must all have strong singing and dancing skills