TV Host Auditions, Tim “the tool man” type


Have you been building robots in your basement since you were 15? Ever look at your washing machine and think to yourself, “I could turn this into a moonshine still?” Ever turn a fridge into a Lazy Boy? Are you a Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor type?

If so, we want to hear from you immediately!

Powderhouse Productions is casting our new show, where each episode two hosts will take three common household items or appliances and turn them into something completely different. A car becomes a zamboni. A leaf blower becomes a hovercraft. Is it entirely useful? Maybe not, but it does offer lots of factoid tidbits about what makes things work, and it’s visually interesting to watch.

Email our casting producer at as soon as possible with a picture and bio or send us a five-minute tape (MAX!) that includes ALL of the following:

1. You talking directly to the camera, introducing yourself, and giving a little bit of your background. (Do you have a graduate degree in engineering from MIT?)
2. You actively ripping something apart: the bigger the better! Talk us through it. (What are you doing and why are you doing it that way? What tools are you using? What’s important about these parts?)
3. Then make something cool out of those parts. Have fun and build us something creative and inventive, and talk us through the process. (Why did you decide to make this? What are the steps? What’s cool about this?)

Be sure to include a brief, one-page bio of yourself along with your video.
Videos can be mailed to:
Powderhouse Productions Casting
212 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144

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