UK Auditions for “Undone”

By | July 7, 2010

Casting Notice “Undone”
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Manchester

BadCheck Productions is devoted to fusing together the creative space between stage and screen bringing together mix of ideas, young people and emerging artists to create exciting new theatre. In this, we aim to shape a new genre of the art of playmaking with multi-media conventions. Never one to shy away from challenging content, BadCheck Productions are always high-energy, fresh and in-your-face theatrical experience. We are also very proud to be the in-house production company for AXM.

We premiered ‘Undone’ as part of the ‘Not Part of…’ Festival 2009 @ Joshua Brooks to sold out audiences, winning a Pick of the Festival Award, receiving a 4-star review on and sparking interest from BBC Radio Manchester who produced the script on their LGBT Citizen Hour.

Following the success of the first showing of Undone, we brought it home to the village in November 2009, launching AXM as the newest fringe theatre space in Manchester’s Gay Village. Playing to highly enthusiastic and receptive audiences, this proved what we had always thought, that Manchester’s gay scene, whilst having a small amount of theatrical activity already, was crying out for an antithesis to clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants.

We are now truly excited to be performing ‘Undone’ once again in the heart of the village and being apart of Manchester Fringe week and Manchester PRIDE!
Dates: Rehersing 2nd of August to the 22nd performances on the 23rd 24th 26th 28th 29th of August.

The Village …Haven or Hell?
How do you survive Manchester’s Gay Village with two devils on your shoulders and no angels in sight?

Dex wants to forget his past, his mistakes and his regrets.
Becks is loud, drunk, sarcastic and exists through the bottom of each drink.
Charlie is trying to figure out which white baggy is which.
Austin is searching to find a place to belong and thrusts himself onto the party scene.

Undone is a sharp-witted look at one young man trying to navigate his way through relationships, lovers and friends via the underbelly of Manchester’s gay scene. Through the mist of neon lights, dilated pupils and hangovers Dex attempts to discover true intimacy, peeling back the layers of expectation and coming face to face with his fears head on.

Is it possible to survive unscathed?

Get a fresh perspective of the Village life in a way you never have before; or at least can remember in this fast paced comedy drama.

As seen in this year’s Not Part Of festival.
“…Exposed darker aspects to a night out in the village… fresh and offered a previously unseen perspective to the village.” Alexandra Rucki (Four Star Review)

We are auditioning for the roles of Austin and Charlie (Chin Chin La Rue)

Austin (18 – 28)

Austin is a young attractive, athletic and masculine guy who is trying to find a place to belong. After coming out to his parents he is caught between his own insecurities and preconceived notions of gay life. Conflicted and with hesitation, he thrusts himself onto the party scene.

Charlie (18 – 28)
Charlie is Dex’s drug habit. He is the epitome of every gay stereotype and he loves it. With a powdered filled nose he flaunts his sexuality and makes no excuses for his excessive ways. He is in your face, vulgar and fabulous all at the same time.

AT 6pm

*All applicants must be able to available to rehearse and perform for the month of August. (Free Pride Passes will be provided for all cast and crew)

Specific dates and times will be confirmed once the cast has been selected.

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
AXM Theatre 100 Bloom Street M1 3LY

Payment details: no pay
Applications to this casting call require:
• A phone number
• A profile photo

Casting Location: Manchester
Contact email: