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Pupa (Short Film) Needs Actors
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta, GA

Project title: Pupa

Producing Company: Georgia State University

Synopsis: An actress struggles to retain a sense of individual identity as she’s finds herself torn and tormented by the role she fulfills. Finding herself within the production of a film, Mary attempts to overcome her disorienting environment while settling an argument with her male counterpart.

Casting Needs:

Female, white, 24-32, skinny to average weight.
–A women who’s never truly known herself finds herself intimately invested in the life and conflict of her character.

Male, white or black,24-32, average weight.
–A man hell bent on getting the best performance out of his partner as possible, whether he forces her to lose her mind or not during their constant conflicts over the material.

Male, white, 30-45, all body types
–A stereotypical director with an assumed understanding of drama veiled by his exaggerated and melodramatic behavior.

Shooting Dates:
September 27- November 8
STUDENT, NON-UNION, PAYMENT = FOOD, GAS during production. and copy of work upon completion.

Please email headshot and resume if interested.

Thank You

Casting Location: Atlanta, GA
Contact email:

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