A&E casting Season 2 of “Heavy”


Auditions for A&E

Is your weight holding you back from living the life you want?
Is your health, family or career in peril because of your weight?
Are you ready to take the necessary steps to change your life?

A&E’s documentary series HEAVY™ follows individuals facing extreme life consequences as a result of their obesity. The series documents their incredible transformations during a six-month treatment program in which they are provided personal trainers, nutritionists, counseling and other professional services they need free of charge to complete their weight loss journey.

HEAVY™ is not a competition and you cannot get voted off. The focus of the program is to help individuals lose weight by teaching them how to lead healthier lifestyles and understand the root of their food addictions.

If you or someone you know is at least 150 pounds overweight and wants to be considered, please email the following information to casting@megalomedia.com:

Brief Bio
Why you NEED to be a part of the program

5 thoughts on “A&E casting Season 2 of “Heavy”

  1. blessing

    Hi I would love to be part of your show, I have been battling with my weight and it has made me have low self esteem and a low social life.

  2. debra

    i am about 300 pounds and need help… recently loss over 50 pounds only to gain back…. please can you help

  3. Jacquayla

    I am 20 years old who weighs 512 pounds, I need help badly it’s life or death for me now, please reply or email me.

  4. Marque

    HI I’m a dad of 2 baby boys I love to dearly and want to see them grow up. I’m 350 lbs and need help badly.

  5. Loren

    I’m a 16 year old female and I’m 292.8 pounds. I’ve never been able to live a normal teenage life and honestly it’s all I’ve dreamed of. I really need help to get this weight off because I know if I don’t now I won’t have a chance of a long life. Please just give me a chance.


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