MTV Tryouts – “Change your family”


MTV is asking “What would you change about your family if you could?”

Is something missing from your family? Do you find yourself wishing for something to change?

It could be anything; do your parents spend more time and attention on a sibling? Do you wish you could have dinner more together as a family? Do you miss family pizza nights? Do your parents argue all the time? Has stress and school taken all the fun out of your family?

Do you think you could change your family for the better — and how would you do it? Could you help your parents, siblings, guardians see where they went wrong and make a change?

This is your chance to makeover your family.

Tell us what you would do and why:

Be sure to include:
– What’s not working in your family?
– What would you change?
– How would you change it in a week?
– Your email address.

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