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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta

FoUnd Casting Call:

Do you feel that you’re under-employed? Are you working tire…lessly just to pay the bills? Do you feel trapped and unable to pursue your dreams? If you had the support of a lifetime to land your dream job, would you thrive?

Found is NOT a talent show. It’s not a competition. It’s a self-improvement show that digs deep to discover why you’ve fallen short. The goal of this transformational series is to help people who are no longer willing to settle have a once in a lifetime dream job opportunity. We’re searching for economic warriors, tireless parents and go-getters who for some reason got side-tracked. If you want to make a U turn for the better in your life, then we need to find U!

*If you are in the metro Atlanta area and are interested in applying, please reply to

Tell us in 300 words or less about yourself (short videos also accepted). We want to learn about your struggles, career dream and about your tenacity. If we can relate, connect and sympathize with your story then you could be featured on this life-changing reality show. Please include your phone number, email address and photos of yourself. America is ready to root on our next “find”. . .will it be U?

FoUnd~ “Reality got in the way of your dreams. We’re making your dreams a reality.”

Casting Location: Atlanta
Contact email:

One thought on “Atlanta Auditions for Reality Show

  1. Anita

    hello my name is Anita Gnon. I am 20 years old and I was born in Ivory Coast West Africa. I grew up in the U.S., and even though I spent almost my whole life here, I feel as though I don’t have the same chances that typical Americans have. I love to cook and I want to be a chef. I have applied to culinary schools but was refused because my father refused to help me. I lost my mother last year, and was kicked out of my fathers house 2 months later. I stay with a friend, and I’m searching for work. I really want to turn my life around and be able to get a good education and be able to own my very own restaurant. I believe I deserve this chance because I know I have such big goals for myself.


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