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By | July 5, 2011

Atlanta Auditions

Casting notice posted on, casting location: ATLANTA, GA
Casting Call on July 7, 2011

Absolute Media Productions is a new innovated company looking to change the airways by bringing back good wholesome television and creating new stars in the process. Filming will take place in the Atlanta area starting this fall.

Forgiven is an inspiring drama series that tells the story of individuals who face the battle of dealing with past hurts and abuse. In a quest to find joy in the midst of their heartache, they each journey through the darkness of despair. Some will discover the key to unlock the door to deliverance, but others will find out that the truth does not always set you free, but sometimes it sets you up.

Auditions will be held at Fresh Start Church 1965 Evergreen Blvd. Duluth, GA 30096 on Thursday, July 7, 2011 from 5pm until 9:00 pm. To submit for roles by email, along with attached resume & headshot please send Name, Age, Contact Info and role auditioning for and time slot to . You will be contacted directly if the slot is full. Each audition will be no more than 5 minutes. Be prepared for a cold read, maybe a monologue or improv. (Selected candidates will receive confirmation email for casting call. Roles established upon final audition only).

Character Breakdown:
‘Forgiven’ (Short) Character Breakdown
• Lisa Baker (African American Female-30 -35 yrs old).
Lisa is a loving Wife and Mother, who is humble, nurturing, and very strong. She loses her husband of twelve years in the war at Afghanistan and her son Malik is hit and killed by a car driven by Marcus Wright. Thou Malik’s death was an accident, Lisa finds herself hating and blaming Marcus; verbally attacking him anytime they cross paths.

Mr. Johnson (African American Male-50-60 yrs old).
Successful business owner , husband and godfather of Marcus Wright. He is compassionately concerned, but very manipulating. Mr. Johnson seeks to use his position as Marcus’s godfather to gain his confidence for his own personal agenda.
• Deniece Waters (African American Female-30-35 yrs old).
Sister of Lisa, out spoken, independent, and flirtatious. At the age of thirteen Deniece Waters was molested by her mother’s boyfriend, Kenneth. Years later, the two crosses each other’s path. Deniece a nurse, must make a decision to either forgive Kenneth and save his life or let him die.
• Jordan Mitchell (African American Male- 30-35 yrs old).
Jordon is a comical roommate of Marcus. Initially he offers Marcus support through his ordeal; however, things eventually turn sour.

• Janelle Johnson (Caucasian Female 30-35- yrs old)

Janelle Johnson is the wife of Mr. Johnson. Leery of her husband’s late night business meetings Marianne has him followed. However, what she discovers becomes more than she can handle.
• Stanley White (African American Male 30 -35 yrs old)
Stanley White is an old grade school friend of Marcus who owns a music store. In an attempt to lure Marcus, back to the church, he gives him words of wisdom and encourages him to stay strong in the Lord.
• Eric Baker Jr. (African American boy 12 yrs old)
Lisa’s son; brother of Malik and Savannah. Angered child

• Malik Baker (African American boy 7 yrs old)

Lisa’s son; brother of Eric Jr. and Savannah. Kind personality

• Eric Baker Sr. ( African American Male 30-35 yrs old)

Defending his country in the military. Lisa’s husband; father of Malik, Eric JR, and Savannah

• Doris Waters (African American Female – 60 yrs old)

Loving and nurturing mother of Lisa and Deniece

• Pastor Green (African American Male – 55 -60 yrs old)

Teaches the trueness of forgiveness

• Younger Lisa Baker (African American Female ~ 14 yrs old)

• Younger Deniece Baker (African American Female~ 13 yrs old)

• Dr. Susan Murphy (Caucasian Female~ 40 yrs old)

Understanding therapist

• “Marianne Wright (African American Female – 30-40 yrs old).
Spiritual, supportive, nurturer. Her main goal is to support and help provide for her family.

• “Eddie Wright (African American Male – 30-40 yrs old). Spiritual, giving, strong. He provides for his family and raises his son in the statutes of the Lord.
• Marcus Wright (African American Male – 16-18 yrs old).
Marcus is live and energetic, but becomes angry over the loss of his father. He is overwhelmed with grief and sadness.
• Lady Blue (African American Female – 40-50 yrs old).
Mysterious, strong. Lady Blue is the ex business partner of Mr. Johnson. After being released from prison where she served a twenty-year sentence for a double money laundering charge, she shows up to inquire about a large amount of money Mr. Johnson owes her
• “Peter Romes (Caucasian Male- 40 -50 yrs old)
Bodyguard for Lady Blue
• Officer # 1 & 2
• Paramedic # 1 & 2

Casting Location: ATLANTA, GA
Contact email:

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