Audition for Reality Show ‘ Thug Swap’


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Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York
New Reality show seeks THUGS+WANNABES age 16-21 with attitude!

Are you totally gangsta or just a wannabe? Do you think you got what it takes to compete against real thugs for who is the MOST gangsta?! New Reality Series is looking for REAL thugs and gangstas ages 16-21 both male and female living in the city, as well as WANNABE THUGS of any race/ethnicity or socio-economic background Are you ready to get on camera and get famous?

Bust out your souped up rides, rims, and get ’em spinning, ghetto gold necklaces, and puffy jackets. This is your chance.

Must be willing to give a substantial amount of time and energy towards a reality television show, which might involve filming in your apartment, your hood, allowing cameras to follow you around in your daily life for up to three months.

Casting Call: March 18th 2011 – From 12P to 6P
Address: 313 Church Street, 2nd Floor, NY, NY 10013

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Thug Swap Casting

Casting Location: New York
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