Auditions for Vampire Film


Vampire Movie Auditions

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Phoenix, AZ

OwensFilm Productions, LLC Is Holding Auditions For Vampire Film, Draugierre

Auditions for parts will

be held at Clarion Hotel Phoenix Tech Center, 5121 E. La Puente Ave.I-10 & Elliot Rd., Phoenix,

AZ, 85044-5212. It is an open audition, so all seeking talent can come a whatever time is

convenient between 11am and 9pm on Wednesday, January 26, 2010. You can read the script prior to

showing up at



Suspense/Horror/Psychological Thriller/Vampire

A Vampire haunts the dreams of a woman who doubts her life, career, and marriage. What

is she hiding? What does she really want? Her husband suspects something strange is going on

between her and a psychologist. Lies. Suspicion. Fraud. Superstition. Clara must search her real

convictions and tell the truth, lest the Vampire uses her hidden guilt against her.

About the Production

This is a very low budget movie. No one, including the producer, gets paid or can expect to

recieve any royalties. It is very much so, “art for art’s sake”. It will be filmed in 1 weekend

on Saturday February 5th, from 7am-7pm, and Sunday February 6th, from 11am to 1am(Everyone will

have different call times). The script is just a blue print or a guide. Not much of it will be

used in the production, thus much of it, including the dialogue, will be improvised. All of the

locations will be in the Phoenix/Tempe, AZ area.

Character(principal): DAVE BURNS

Sex: Male

Age Range: 35-50

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: n/a

Character Description: Stern. Introverted. Likes to keep things in order and gets nervous when

things don’t follow his expectations. He is a CFO of a company that his father once owned, so he

is a beneficiary of nepotism. Although outwardly
assertive, he harbors a deep insecurity and narcissism, that eventually leads to violence.

Character(lead): CLARA BURNS

Sex: Female

Age Range: 24-30

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: n/a

Character Description: Driven. Extraverted. Wears her heart on he sleeve. She works as a

paralegal. She is also burdened by harsh memories of an overbearing mother. It as if she is

constantly wearing a mask, never really being herself. She came from a meager background, and

married Dave mainly to have a better quality of life. She lives to please her mother, regardless

of whether her mother is alive or not.

Character(principal): VAMPIRE/LONG-HAIRED GIRL

Sex: Female

Age Range: over 18

Ethnicity: n/a

Height: 5′ 8″ or taller

Character Description: “Daughter of Baphomet”. A frightening soothsayer that appears in Clara’s

dreams accusing her of living a double life and holding secrets. She threatens Clara of imminent

death. She is tall, has very, very long hair, dark eyes, fangs, and sharp claws. The same

actress will also play a “long-haired” girl, who Clara periodically meets at a cemetery who

bears a strange resemblance to the vampire she sees in her dreams.

Character(principal): BARBARA ROOSEVELT

Sex: Female

Age Range: 40-50

Ethnicity: n/a

Height: n/a

Character Description: Warm. Receptive. Wise. Barbara is Clara’s friend who is more like a

“mentor” to her. Clara had helped her with all of the legal details when she filed for divorce.

They have been friends ever since, occaisionally meeting for lunch and sharing their lives.

Barbara sees Clara’s stress, and recommends her to a psychologist, or what she calls a “faith

healer”, whose name is Dr. Draugierre.

Character(principal): DR. DRAUGIERRE

Sex:: Male

Age Range: 30-40

Ethnicity: n/a

Height: n/a

Character Description: Dr. Draugierre is the mysterious “faith healer” who practices a form of psychology

“based on faith”. More of a “Benny Hinn” than a “Sigmund Freud”, he is young, handsome,

charismatic, and pretentious. He “heals” his patient’s psychological problems by aggressive

inquiry. In one minute, he is flattering; in the next minute, he is judgmental and domineering.

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Casting Location: Phoenix, AZ
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