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Casting call notice posted by the President
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Waukegan, IL

MAY 21 – 6pm to 9pm (by appointment only)
North Chicago Center for the Arts
828 17th Street, North Chicago, IL 60064

Call – 224-572-9052

The Trip written by Crystal V. Rhodes and directed by debrah neal is a comedy about a cross country journey taken by four longtime friends who discover that after half of a lifetime of knowing each other that they really don’t know each other at all. Petty annoyances, verbal battles and the revelation of an unexpected secret spell the end of the longtime friendship, but twenty years later a second hilarious trip by the women reveals that the bond between friends can be as precarious as it can be enduring.

Four female actors to play age 29
For our June25th stage reading at
Bowen Park Theatre in Waukegan Illinois:

An introverted personality, she wants to be more dominant but must develop her assertiveness. She has been dominated all her life by personalities much stronger than her own. In situations of crisis, however, she displays leadership abilities unrecognized by her peers.

Fairly assertive at times and is often the mediator when disagreements arise between her companions. She displays leadership abilities and is not easily dominated by others.

A chronic complainer, she is a totally negative personality. She is arguementative, aggressive to a fault, demanding, and self-centered. She is basically an insecure individual and harbors feelings of jealousy towards her companions.

A leader, she is aggressive, sure of herself, and assertive. She serves as the dominant personality among her companions. She rejects feelings of defeat, but displays a lack of self-confidence when faced with a crisis situation.

Casting Location: Waukegan, IL
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