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Houston Texas auditions posted by the Casting Director
Casting notice posted on, casting location: 333 JensenDr Houston, Tx 77003
This is your chance!!Auditions on March12th 12:30 p.m. till 5 p.m. ..Location Talento Bilingüe de Houston 333 South Jensen Drive

” A Woman’s Worth Productions” will be holding auditions at Talento Bilingue de Houston Theatre 333 South Jensen Drive

Houston, TX 77003 ……….on March 12th ….from 12:30 p.m. till 5 p.m.

To Prepare

• 2 minute monologue…….(please email or contact us by phone for assistance)

• Recent headshot or photo

• Bio and/or a list of performance experience

• If auditioning for a role that requires both acting and singing bring

Sheet music of a song that shows voice and range

In 8 bars marked for the accompanist…Although you may be

asked to sing Acapella Who are we auditioning?

Men, women and children of all cultural backgrounds and ages are

encouraged to attend

Ages 5-55

Contact Info : Kenyarda McCarter 832-231-1287 or Michelynn Bell 832-660-4762

Directions to Venue:

From I-10 East

Take 59 South, exit #770A.

Exit Hamilton St.

Turn left on Franklin St.

Bear left and go through the underpass.

Go through two sets of lights, Canal St. and Navigation Blvd.

Turn left into Guadalupe Plaza Park parking lots.

From I-10 West:

Take Exit #770B Jensen/Meadows.

Turn right on Jensen Dr.

Go through light at Clinton Dr.

TBH is the first building on the right after you cross bridge over Buffalo Bayou.

From I-45 North

Take I-10 East.

Turn right on Jensen Dr.

Go through light at Clinton Dr.

TBH is the first building on the right after you cross bridge over Buffalo Bayou.

From I-45 South

Exit #45 Scott St.

Follow signs to St. Joseph Parkway.

Turn right on Chartres St.

Turn right on Franklin St.

Bear left and go through the underpass.

Go through two sets of lights, Canal St. and Navigation Blvd.

Turn left into Guadalupe Plaza Park parking lots.

From 59 North

Exit Hamilton St.

Turn left on Franklin St.

Bear left and go through the underpass.

Go through two sets of lights, Canal St. and Navigation Blvd.

Turn left into Guadalupe Plaza Park parking lots.

From 59 South

Exit Polk St.

Remain on Chartres St. Turn right on Franklin St.

Bear left and go through the underpass.

Go through two sets of lights, Canal St. and Navigation Blvd.

Turn left into Guadalupe Plaza Park parking lots. For More Details please call Kenyarda McCarter 832-231-1287 or Michelynn Bell 832-660-4762

Revised Cast of Characters and their descriptions

Seeking- Dianne: African American Female( 30-40 years of age), plus-sized, a wannabe snob, really insecure but will do everything to seem like she has “made” it to those around her. She has lost her identity, self-worth, but most of she’s refused the power of her own voice. She’s a mother of two. And has allowed her husband to cause strain in her relationship with her son R.J her son from a previous relationship.

Seeking- Corey: African American Male( 30-40 years of age) (Dianne’s husband) self-absorbed..arrogant..individual. Seems to think money can buy him anything……. including a submissive woman……this man has it all…well at least he believes that he has it all……the thing he lacks money can’t buy. Believe me when I say…..Mother’s be wise in raising your sons….He could grow up to become a woman’s dream man or for in Dianne’s case….A nightmare in an Italian cut suite. Truth be told he’s modeling behavior taught to him by his Father. Generational curses really exist.

Seeking-Vanessa : African American Female (25-35 years of age) ( Dianne’s sister) trying to be a good example for her kids but she is juggling a huge load between work, school & family; she recently divorced her husband due to his infidelity….The devastation of her family being torn apart along with the insecurities…has brought her to a place of many questions….Was she a good wife? Or is it because I didn’t cook ? Was I not attractive to you after bearing your kids? All these questions within….why would he cheat? Vanessa feels he defined her worth…..or did he?

Seeking- Stacey: African American Female (30-40 years of age) (Dianne’s sister) has a chemical dependency…….but to her it’s not a drug…it’s not as if she’s on crack or marijuana or some sort of hard core drug….It’s just prescription meds so what’s the Big Deal! She has it all under control. Oh and yes she the Head Nurse at Regency Memorial….which furthers her denial of her addiction….The easy access gives her what she needs….You could never walk in her shoes…she’s the first born …responsible for everything and everybody….before her mother and father became born again Christians they worked…partied…and partied some more…Stacey always cared for her siblings….never feeling loved or appreciated…and when thing went wrong she was the blame…..she has medicated these wombs for a long time. Addicted to school addicted to work…addicted to her families approval and now she’s addicted to Lorecets, Vicodine, the list goes on…Hospital Administrators and her family has caught on though she thinks she has everyone fooled, she has lost herself and can’t seem to find her way back.

Seeking- Elaine: African American Female (50-65 years of age) ( Dianne’s mother) a woman of God who truly knows what God can do……her testimony attest for who God is in her life….never compromising her faith….she doesn’t uphold her girls in their wrong…. some would consider her a little over the top with her Christianity…..only she and her Lord understands her praise….although she’s a true prayer warrior….deception has hit her family in the form of Corey Beineiver (her son in law) …..her faith is shaking ……when the storms of life come to….and you have prayed and cried cried and prayed….Elaine teaches us how to have a Hallelujah any how!…she believes and knows that God has the power to bring everything back into order.

Seeking-Curtis: African American Male (50-65 years of age) ( Dianne’s father) he too is an example of a changed man….He’s from the days of Cadillac’s white wall tires,

Afros…..with the diamond in the back sun roof top…digging the scene with the gangsta lean…..when the Mack was the Mack…..his dress

Style has progressed…but vocabulary has yet to catch up with our time…when he speaks its

Like listening to the Mack after he was born again…..and he keeps a

Toothpick in his mouth. Curtis is very comedic and Playful ……but serious about

His daughter although there all adult women in his eyes they are forever his

Baby girls… He believes in God but can go back to the hood quickly.

Seeking -RJ- African American Male (18-25 years of age) (Dianne Son) A tall dark and handsome young man…..very strong minded

And opinionated …has begun to have resentment towards his mother. For

Allowing the mistreatment in order to have the lavish lifestyle ….and he has a

Distorted perception about African American women…because of his

Mother he considers all African American women to be weak everyone except

His grandmother. RJ has moved with his grandparents because Corey did not

Want another man in the house. And Corey challenges R.J’s manhood every chance he gets.

Seeking -Amber Caucasian or Hispanic Female (18-25 years of age) (R.J’s girlfriend)….of another race……and this doesn’t sit too well with his family…..R.J’s future Trophy wife…..beautiful

blonde or brunette…RJ’s voice of reason…..and personal

Cheerleader……she’s educated …… quirky…. and stands by her man in spite of what

Others think of their Bi-Racial relationship…she truly has his best interest in heart.

Seeking-Christine African American Teen (15-17 years of age) (Dianne Daughter)-A teen girl full of intelligence….bright eyed

Bubbly personality…..well she once had a bubbly personality….the stress of her parents double life (the Huckstable’s at church…Ike and Tina at home)…has caused her to lose her joy….her sense of safety at home…. a very loving and humble child ….totally opposite of her mother

And grandmother…. (Carolyn that is)…..she wishes her father would have more respect for her mother and her. She has begun to comfort herself with food……..

She has observed her mother’s pain…… she is still in the house… her

Mother is starting to take her frustration out on her. She can’t wait to

Escape from what feels like hell.

Seeking-Carolyn Bi-Racial Female late (50’s to mid-60’s) Corey’s Mother – in her early years she struggled with who she was to be half and half was pure controversy …..her father never claimed her as his own he would never father a nigga baby…..this played a part in who she has become today…- before her late husband passed she expressed to her son the importance of having a woman who’s willing to stand in the shadow in order for you to stand in the light…..and since she’s now a widow …Corey has become her “Sons band” her son and her husband…..Carolyn puts the “ob” in Snob……. Co- Chairwoman of the Elite Ladies Society of

Houston …raised on caviar, tea time and lady fingers……and never ever has she lifted a finger to work .. ….her motive is

Campaign rid herself of her sons “in-laws” how could a someone of his caliber

Associate himself with someone like Dianne. She declares war on the Have

Not’s…..blind to what really matters …which is her daughter Samantha …she’s artistic…yet human and has cried out in every way possible …she has yet to experience her mother’s love.

Seeking-Samantha African American age 18-25 (Corey’s Sister) ….All her life she’s been declared as handicap , crazy, retard, the weird girl…..But her Autism is what makes her the treasure she truly is. She has more sense than her family gives her credit for…And when she speaks she says things others would dare to say …her style of dress is very flamboyant but

Deep down inside all she wants is her mother’s attention ….which she so desperately craves especially since her father’s passing……in her eyes he was the only person who truly understood her……she discovered a love of her own …but mother knows best….she wishes that mother would open her eyes and see ……she has never known Samantha only Samantha’s condition….she wants it to stop….stop ignoring her………… stop

medicating the situation and give what’s really needed her love. Samantha

Feels neglected and believes Corey has always received all the attention …because Corey’s the physically normal child….Samantha yearns to be loved with flaws and all.

Seeking-Minister / Pastor Jones- African American Male (30-40 years of age) a man full of wisdom and when he speaks everyone…………and I mean everyone listens Pastor Jones

exudes love, compassion, meekness, honor and boldness. The things that truly make a man rich…overseer of Houston’s Largest Mega Church ….The Rock of Salvation… He and Dianne dated while in

College and he knows her intelligence and what a good woman she really is.

He doesn’t understand how a woman of so much character or any woman could allow a man to demean her. He sends a call out on God’s behalf …to the women the daughters of God….that their value is far above rubies….that its imperative Women know their Worth and set a standard to never settle….and that good men aren’t hard to find…just stop looking because they are the treasures to be discovered ……( And he’s Single)

He Along with Dianne’s mother Elaine help Dianne and her family get back on


Seeking -Daisha African American Female (7-10 years of age) daughter of Vanessa …..because she’s so young she still has her innocence and doesn’t really understand what’s going on with her parents……and strives for both of their love.

Seeking -DaVonne African American Male ( 13-16 years of age) oldest child of Vanessa….who adores his mother he steps in as the man of the house to help his mother . And through this he declares he will never be the kind of man his father became.

Seeking -Domonique African American Female (10-13 years of age) middle child of Vanessa….she has experienced an emotional change due to the divorce…she has become reserved…silent…..the sparkle in her eyes has gotten dim….she feels the effect of the divorce … her …not only did her father divorce her mother …but he divorced her…no longer there to tuck her in at night ….How could he stop loving me? The question she ponders on daily.

Seeking -Rodney African American Male (35-45 years of age) Husband of Stacey……example of a great man of God a great husband…..who when he said for better or for worse…meant it…He stands by his wife’s side through the fire…..A devout hard working provider, caring father….(Stacey’s King)……he understands his purpose and just how to bring healing to his wife’s emotional wounds.

Seeking -Tyra African American Female (13-15 years of age) daughter of Stacey and Rodney …she discovers her mother’s addiction…..and longs to see her get help. Tyra is just like her father.

Seeking- Rommel African American Male ( ages 15-17 years of age) son of Stacey and Rodney……Rommel admires his father …but adores his mother….so much so…he’s aiming to go into the medical field just as his mom …. while planning his education to be the first Dr. in his family …..he finds “The True Physician”.

Seeking -Apartment Manager Hispanic Female ( 18-35 years of age ) …..(Alexia)…..her job isn’t an easy one….but someone has to do it….

Seeking -Maxine African American/Hispanic Female (25-30 years of age) friend of Dianne ….one with great concern…..reaching out to her friend …even though the more money Dianne’s husband makes the more rude she becomes to her once dear friend. Maxine is full of compassion, patience, and pure intentions…..she knows the truth about Dianne’s situation…..and nothing Dianne says will change Maxine’s love and care for her friend.

Seeking -Jeremy African American Male ( 25 – 35 years of age) ex-husband of Vanessa. His lustful desires caused him to lose his family…..his selfish act ….he refuses to admit his wrong so instead of confronting the issue his pride gets the best of him…and his children suffer emotinally,mentally and financially.

Additional Roles are available for audition ……….the above roles are

main characters….we also have 6 available micro mini roles for children and adults ranging the ages of 5-55years of age…..

No Pay ** Aspiring Actors will receive credit and letters of recommendation at the End of the Production

****We are willing to accept actors who are able to portray these age groups****

We are also seeking Interpretive/Modern Jazz Dancers of all ages

Casting Location: 333 JensenDr Houston, Tx 77003
Contact email: