Auditions in New Jersey / NY – The G Project


The G Project
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York, New Jersey
Positive Light Productions
Casting Director: L.M. Mortha at
Details: The “G” project is a TV episode. It is Non-union, No-Pay, and Credit/DVD
Actors/Performers: Familiar with yoga, boxing, sports, kickboxing and the speed bag. Pls. be able and/or open to dance and carry a tune. In addition, should be comfortable with physical and verbal comedy. There is no nudity. We are looking for artists that do not engage nor have ever engaged in any “risque” behavior, i.e. strippers, exotic dancers, nude models. etc. Our distributor has strict rules.

1. MPD Man: (25-35). Be able to act like “Sybil”. Metro sexual. Lively, over the top, gorgeous, athletic, arm and leg muscles. (Jewish/Israeli- blonde/light brown hair but is actually Italian/Latino- doesn’t’ look it). Must know or be aware of boxing, yoga, jumping rope, and work out.
2. Trainer/Instructor/Player: 25-35. Physical attributes: muscular, dark hair, muscular (legs). Familiar and /or able to perform capoeira, kickboxing, boxing, yoga and dance.
3. Therapist. 25-35. Dark wavy hair, soft spoken and gorgeous. Exotic looking Latina and/or of eastern European heritage. Slight accent is fine. Soft spoken and gorgeous.
4. Female, pharmacist: 25-35,( 5’5)
Attributes: Prefer someone of Asian/Asian-American descent(Japanese, Chinese, Korean) Slightly voluptuous on the lower half.
5. Facilities manager: Male, 30-40. Physical attributes: Latino, Italian, Mediterranean or middle eastern- American. Worldly yet not college educated. Skinny, quirky and not really athletic.
6. The Doctor: Male (40 plus) Caucasian , Jewish. (prefer a NY/east coast accent) .Great legs and does work out frequently.
7. Gamer/Slacker Types: 2-3, age range 18-40.
8. Doctor #2: 20-45, Female. Physical attributes: East Asian/E.Asian- American( of Indian -descent)
9. Liberated Girl: 20-45, female, tall.
10. A Latina or girl that speaks Spanish, age range 18-38.
11. Girl #2: 20-45. Athletic, and can do yoga and boxing.
12. Girl#3&#4: 20-45, soccer/hockey mom /wife who lives in the gym.(think Westport/Hampton style)
13. 2 males: (18-40) bodybuilders, gay(one Caucasian and the other either black/Latino).
14. Girl: 18-40. Girl must be able to wear a bikini and have flat stomach.
15. 3-4 females: All ranges and ethnicities. Just girls /older women/senior citizens
16. A senior citizen couple who is familiar and works out in a gym
17. Group: Either together or separate, age range of 20-80. Physical attributes: Similar in style to Brady Bunch, preppy and clean cut. Again, style is conservative, Westport(Ct)or Hamptons.

Please forward inquires, resumes and pictures to the Casting Director, L.M. Mortha

Casting Location: New York, New Jersey
Contact email:

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