CASTING- Multiple roles in independent feature Los Angeles


CASTING- Multiple roles in independent feature
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Los Angeles, CA
Grandview Productions, an award-winning production company, is seeking talent for their upcoming film, “The Golden Scallop Championship.”


Lindsay O’Neil, 24-30, Lindsay has left her job as a sous-chef in NYC and moved back home to Cape Cod in order to help her father run the family business.

Buzz O’Neil, 55-65, An owner of a once revered and now fledging fried fish restaurant. His management style has changed from an authoritarian approach to a more hands-off, positive one.

Seth Bernstein, 35-45, Devoted employee at the same fried fish house for the past twenty years. He has an affinity for arts and crafts and the owner’s daughter.

Cindy Williams, 35-45, Owner of the Caped Cod, the biggest fried fish restaurant on the Cape, she is a wealthy, tough woman who views a fast and efficient kitchen to be the best kitchen.

Marcel DePaul, 30-40, French Accent, A former world class chef who has been hired by the Caped Cod to win a Golden Scallop Championship.

Doug The Hobo, 25-65, A slovenly put-together man, Doug cares only about feeding himself, heavy drinking and stealing tip jars.

Judge Wellington, 55+, The man that presides over the entire Golden Scallop Championship, Judge Wellington has a soft spot for bad television and an incredible love of all fried food.

Mitch Wellington, 18-24, The nephew of the Judge of the Golden Scallop Championship, he has been working the Championship for the past few years. He’s overworked, naïve and spends his day monitoring the Judge.

Jacqueline Bellows, 50+, Elegant, proper and intelligent, Jacqueline is this year’s biggest sponsor of the Golden Scallop Championship.

Please send your resume, headshot, reel, and the role you are applying for to

We are accepting both SAG an non-SAG inquiries. All roles are paid.

Auditions will take place at the end of July.
Respond by July 15, 2011

Check us out at

Casting Location: Los Angeles, CA
Contact email:

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