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BearCity 2 is a hirsute “Sex and the City,” following the funny, romantic, and occasionally dramatic adventures of our familiar characters, a group of “bears” and “cubs” in New York City. Tyler and Roger live as boyfriends in Roger’s very plush penthouse in the trendy meat packing district. Roger has settled firmly into domestic life while Tyler, now 23, is getting a little… restless. Michael, our big mama bear, has become a sought-after “heavyweight” Broadway producer and has invested his earnings in his hot, Latino boyfriend, Carlos’ dream of opening a gay-sports bar in Manhattan. Our beloved Brent and Fred find themselves at opposite ends of the Bear Pride spectrum. Fred is excited about the chance to shoot a bear documentary, while Brent has had his fill of woofs, stuffed bears and flannel shirts. Can this documentary be the key to bringing this couple closer or will Fred’s reluctance to commit finally push Brent away? When Roger pops the question, and a reluctant Tyler accepts, the gang is thrust into a wild ride towards a wedding ceremony at the closing of Bear Week in Provincetown, MA. Can these couples hold their relationship together with 3000 bears, a foam party and a few ex-boyfriends standing in the way? Or will true love prevail? BearCity won several awards at festivals, including the LA Outfest Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Actor in a Feature.



BIG DAN: (late 30s-early 40s) A very heavy-set “bear”. Very masculine, ex-football player type. He has a tough exterior (probably from growing up gay in the Midwest), but a warm heart. He is reserved and respectful, looking for a lost love but always ends up getting screwed over by the young 20-somethings he falls for. NUDITY: Shirtless

RYNO: (late 30s) Caucasian, heavy-set, hairy, masculine. Probably grew up in the south, played linebacker (which is where the football nickname “Ryno” came from.) He is in a triad marriage to both Billy and Dean. NUDITY: Shirtless

JIMMY: (early 30s) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. A very heavy-set “bear”. He is a “go with the flow” guy who is getting the best of both worlds in his relationship with Ryno and Dean. He is into sports and the outdoors. NUDITY: Shirtless

KEN: (40s-50s) Caucasian. A salty-dog. Mega-hairy, angular, weathered boating guy who runs a private whale watching tour company with his partner, Jake. They take Brent and Fred out on a tour. NUDITY: Shirtless, Rear

JAKE: (mid 30s) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. Hairy, “muscle-bear ” (meaning muscular, hairy, stocky). Probably weathered from spending his days on the boat running private whale watching tours with Ken. NUDITY: Shirtless, Rear

DEAN: (late 20s – 30s) African American. “Muscle-bear”. He isn’t afraid to stand up to people and push their buttons. A bit aggressive and is attracted to very big guys. He is newer to the marriage triad with Billy and Ryno. NUDITY: Shirtless

MUSCLEBEARS and DADDYBEARS: 30s-50s. Big muscular or heavy men with facial hair. Dayplayer roles. 1 or 2 lines each.

Casting Location: Boston/New York
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