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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Birmingham, AL

Casting Call for Gardendale/Birmingham area.

Casting location to be announced and updated; set for October 15th in either the Gardendale or Birmingham area. (Details are currently being worked out)

Mo and the Vieille
A young girl embarks on a journey to self discovery.

Roles to be cast:


Marie, or Mo as she prefers to be called, is a shy, freshman tomboy. It’s October, and the school year has barely started. She doesn’t know anyone at school, and on the 31st, a day when most kids are out trick or treating or at costume parties, Mo is stuck spending the evening with her great aunt ‘Auntie’, a retired, school teaching nun who she’s only seen at Holidays and has never had a real conversation with. As the night progresses, the two drink hot toddies, converse, and learn more about each other. When Auntie falls asleep, Mo trips over a box of artifacts and discovers a long hidden secret. The more she learns about Auntie, the more of her own true nature begins to be revealed. I wanted to capture a snapshot – one of those moments in time when things start to become just a little bit clearer.

Mo’s age is 14. We are seeking fresh faced actors age 13 and up. Alternative kids A BONUS.
Very Important:

Ideally, I’d like to see the character in you. You MUST come dressed down. Hint – we are not looking for Miley Cyrus clones. Please wear loose fitting clothes, a t-shirt, matched with either cargo pants or jeans, and sporty shoes of any kind. Please do not wear any makeup to this audition. Mo is a tomboy and your look for the audition must fit the part. If these instructions are not followed to the best of your ability then you will not be considered for the role. This is the lead role.

Elaine “Auntie” Delauneville

Auntie is 90 years old; a retired nun and school teacher. We will consider ‘seasoned’ actors of any age (above 50) so long as they can act the part and can be made up to look the right age. This is a co-lead role.


Extras (any gender)

3 or 4 Trick or treaters (1 small speaking role; kids under 13)

2 Paramedics – small speaking roles

3 or 4 funeral extras, presumably colleagues of Auntie’s (nuns/priests). Mature actors (above 40)
Teens on the bus

Extras (female)

Elaine (young Auntie; early 20’s)

Jeanne (early 20’s)

(Elaine and Jeanne share a kiss. Lesbian women, especially those already in a relationship or who otherwise have chemistry, are eagerly encouraged to audition. This is not an eye candy moment nor some girl on girl action meant to be enjoyable to men. This would be a tender moment between two friends who have some serious feelings for each other.)

Teen girl on bus (13 – 18).

Mo’s Grandma – Auntie’s much younger sister, a woman of about 65.

This film is being prepared for next year’s Shout film festival, so if you are a member of the LGB community, rock on, and please come to auditions! Note to parents of teenage actors: there will be no sexual contact between your child or any of the actors.

Note: there will be no compensation for actors other than lunch.

Look forward to seeing you there! Any questions email Maria at

Maria Montz
Carey Rayburn

Casting Location: Birmingham, AL
Contact email:

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