Casting Actors in Grand Rapids, MI

By | March 14, 2011

Casting For The Following Open Roles

A Business Man In his 30’s who is intelligent, business savy and attractive. Actor will also need to play a range of emotions.
Two men in their mid to late 20’s who are cocky and ego driven. These actors have to be well built physically,
A Man In his early 20’s who wants a woman who is already taken and doesnt care. Must Be Physically Fit
A 18 Year Old Cancer Patient That is sweet and shy and not that experienced.

A Woman in her early 20’s who wears the pants in her relationship and does not like change. This character is a woman next door type.
3 women in their mid 20’s who are confident and sexy but also intelligent
A woman in her early 20’s who is firey and goes after what she wants at any cost. She Is a bombshell type
A woman in her late 20’s who is non white and business savy. She has a great level of intelligence but her beauty is also breathtaking
A Professional Woman In her 30’s who i.s well educated and educates others. She Is Intelligent and has a classic beauty.

The Castings will run from 2-6pm On Sunday March 20th 2011. They will be set up as a 30 minute interview. There will be prepaired and cold readings than a question and answer period from the cast. The Locale will be released later in the week.

If This Intrests you please reply back with the role that you want to auditi on Sunday and we will reply back with sides. You will pick one to prepare and present Sunday and we will have you also do a cold reading

Thank You

* Location: Grand Rapids Michigan
* Compensation: If cast the pay will be 750.00 and up depending on role.