Casting Calls in Los Angeles – Reality Show


GRB Entertainment, the producers of “Intervention” are producing a new show where someone has something BIG to reveal to their friends/family. We have a top-notch therapist who will help you through this process in a professional and appropriate manner. If you are living a double life, and can’t take the lies anymore, this is your opportunity to come clean.

Examples of stories we are looking for include:

* Husband with two wives/families
* Stripper whose family/friends/boyfriend does not know what they are doing
* Secret gambler
* Someone who has been laid off, but has been “pretending” to go to work each day as not to upset the family
* Someone with a terminal illness who has not told family
* A person with secret fetishes, etc.

We are open to other stories. Participants will be compensated for their time. This is for a major cable network. This is not a “talk show” style show; it’s a serious documentary-style project.

Email us today with your story, or just ask for more info. All inquiries confidential.