Casting Big Southern Families


Reality Show casting call Louisiana and the south!

Big Southern Families – Do you love beer funnels, hog- hunting and camouflage?

Y?all looking for a heaping dose of outrageous summer fun? Do you love beer funnels, hog- hunting and camouflage?
If you’re up to trying something NEW — really new- this summer family vacation is for you!
We are looking for outgoing, good- looking, fun- loving southern families who are ready to pack up this summer and head out of town for a planned summer vacation! If you and your siblings, cousins and even your Mom and Dad and aunts and uncles are ready for an extreme, fun- filled vacation, we want to hear from you.
Please send us your contact information along with your family members, recent photos of the family, and tell us why your family would be great for the show!

One thought on “Casting Big Southern Families

  1. Mary Loving

    Big Southern Family. lots of women….crazy….fun…Kardashians meet Gone with the Wind….gotta love us or hate us…..but everyone wants to party with us.


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