WWE Tough Enough Now Casting


Auditions for WWE Tough Enough

Are you TOUGH ENOUGH to be the next WWE SUPERSTAR?

WWE and the USA Network are bringing back the hit reality competition show Tough Enough! One competitor will earn a WWE contract and be the next WWE Superstar!!!
Casting Producers are searching the world to find extraordinary men and women with the following qualities:

And an INTENSE DESIRE to be the next WWE Superstar!

If you believe you have what it takes to not only earn the contract, but excel in World Wrestling Entertainment…

Email ToughEnoughCasting@shedmediaus.com with your name, age, city, and state, phone numbers, a current photo of you, and a brief paragraph about you and why you think you can make it in the WWE. Casting interviews have already started.

23 thoughts on “WWE Tough Enough Now Casting

  1. William Wellman II

    I am 25 years old, I’ve been a fan of WWE for 19 years. It’s been my dream even if nobody believes I can do it. I’ve lived my life on proving people wrong. This would just be another opportunity to do the same. Just now to the people that choose my fate. I’ve had my own finishing move for 5 years, Just waiting 2 use it. I’m good at keeping promises and if chosen to prove myself, I will make good on mine. Guarantee.

  2. stacymckenzie

    How old do you have to be to become a WWE super star? I’m dying over this opportunity and I need this career and job.

  3. Robert durham

    What’s up WWE? I would love to join tough enough iv. Watched wwe since I was 2, I’m 16 now. Me and my friend wrestle in a trampoline. I think it would be fun.

  4. Michael Long

    Michael Joseph Long
    Memphis, TN

    Christian Brothers High School: Wrestler, Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Track
    University of Tennessee Rugby, University of Memphis Rugby Team captain.
    One year of training from Nightmare Ken Wayne’s School of Professional Wrestling.

    I received a text message from a a friend who is a trainer at the wrestling school I attend while I was in the shower and just happened to glance down and read “WWE Tough enough audition” and a link. At that moment I felt something come over me like this is it. this is without a shadow of a doubt meant to be! I got on my knees said a quick prayer and here I am writing you this email now. I don’t think words could have described better how much this meant to me when I found out about this opportunity. Last year I made the decision this is what I want to do with my life. I researched schools all over the nation and came across one just two hours away, although in another state, so I payed my hefty tuition and have been doing everything it takes three days a week training to live my passion and dream, which will become reality. I have what it takes to be the next WWE superstar due to my commitment to this sport shown this past year training with one of the most old school, “pay your dues”, perfectionist trainers you can find. My many years and years spent in the gym while having this day in the back of my mind throughout each and every rep, my experience playing rugby at a college level which prepared me for the cardio based physicality that comes with this life, and while doing all this with the most heart you will find. All I can hope is that my sincerity and what this means to me comes off the page to you because there literally are not words I can type right now to show you how much this chance would mean to me.

    Thank You,
    Michael Long

  5. Jaheem Smith

    I would like to be the next WWE superstar I have my own WWE fake belt. I have wrestled for 3 years. I know all the bumps you have to take. I wrestle with my family all the time. I like to fight, I like to win, I like fame, I like the business, I can take the pain. I have been hurt many of times. I know how Triple h felt when he hurt his thigh. This is my dream, I will become the WWE champion.

  6. Austin Campbell

    I am going to be in the next WWE Tough Enough. I wanted to be part of the WWE ever since I was 5 years old and now I’m ready to face the challenge that WWE has to offer. The reasons why is because I have the strength, the charisma, and the heart to do it. and besides I’ve got some moves that WWE has never seen before.

  7. David

    I don’t need to tell any one anything about me
    but I watch and have learned. I want to do this I can do this.
    I work hard and learn even harder. Teach me and I’ll do me.

  8. Shawn

    I’ve mastered everything I touched, from basketball, backyard wrestling, and winning, not one, not two, but three different titles, in three different weight classes. Join me in bringing the real attitude error back. Because, im a real Goon with an attitude! Straight outta compton!” I got champ stamp” lol.

  9. Kelvin knoxville

    Nearly my whole life i have wanted to be a wwe star!!Bigger than randy orton,big show,cm punk,cena all those guys.I practice wrestling everyday,i even have a home made ring! I have the mind,body,strength and a will to win and be the most successful star in wwe history.You people better remember my name because it wont be long before im on your tv sets,on your video games,your t-shirts,magazines and best of all!…the highlights…Im kelvin knoxville IM…a future wwe champion,world heavy weight champion and hall of famer!!!

  10. Alison Fellows

    I am a long time fan of the wwe and will do anything to be a wwe diva! You see i want to bring a whole new definition to the word diva, they are looked upon as eye candy. They work just as hard as the guys and deserve respect. If anyone from tought enough is reading this email me please I would like to take this conversation in depth. Thanks

  11. steven


  12. Armando Alameda

    My Buddie and I have a great idea for reality show.Urban axe men. We are tree climbers and groundsmen. We work over houses wires and we have the characters you would need lol trust me. We people would watch. We do amazing things where people stop just to watch. Think about it.

  13. Daniel Jordan

    Why do I think I should be considered for WWE Tough Enough? Well because I am just that TOUGH ENOUGH. I’ll tell you why I am tough enough. I am tough enough because I am armed with focus dedication talent personality and charisma which are the foundations of creating a successful character. I am a very unique person with a lot of aggression which is burning inside and ready to surface. Not only do I contain these credentials listed but I too know how to throw down on the wrestling mat and I have an 90?s style in your face competitive attitude and that alone will show anyone standing in the way of my life goal that I mean business! I am a laid back type of guy and love to have a good time but when it comes to wrestling I AM the calm before the storm, I am the guy who will add insult to injury and I have no problem talking trash like a drunken truck driver stuck in rush hour traffic because I will back down from NO challenge and If I cannot accomplish my goal, my passion, the flame which fuels my hunger to be not only a professional wrestler but a great champion then I will die trying! Through my rage and aggression I would love to be able to inspire people all over the world that YOU CAN accomplish anything if you have a strong enough desire and I promise you all that my desire is unmeasurable and I WILL NOT FAIL! With all heart and no fear let there be might!!!

  14. Paul Stetich

    I’m gonna try out this year. I been in the indy leagues for almost 5 years. Though, I’m not necessarily the kinda guy that people really think will get anywhere with it. I’m doing this to prove them wrong. I’m doing this to prove that if you love something enough, that anything is possible. I’ve wanted to be WWE since I was a little kid. I grew up in the Attitude Era. My favorite superstars are The Rock, Y2J, Edge & Christian, Triple H, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the list goes on. I wanna bring that back. I think I’m tough enough for this contest. I’ve got the personality, I’ve got the willpower, I’ve studied long and hard the way of the wrestler. and I’ve been training all year for this. Last year, our boy Martin Casaus made it on. Now it’s my turn

  15. George Eldridge

    Iv’e waited long enough and it’s time to put all this physical ability to use. I’m ready to give the fans what they expect out of wwe stars.

  16. Dwayne Green(D.G. Hazard)

    I have been wrestling for 6 years, held 3 different titles and wrestled for 2 different companies. Wrestling is what I do best!!!!

  17. Devante boyd

    I should be on wwe toughenough because they need a new great talent and that happen to.be me.im from radcliff ky, and it is time for us to go on the map .I grew up watchin d lo brown the godfather those my favorite heros, and with the good training the wwe have I now I.can make it

  18. Rocco Gapastione

    The world is in need of a new young Rock I am him and he is G! Since second grade I have lived with an absolute intensity for life. I grew up watching The Rock and Stone Cold throwing down and loved it! If put on the show I will make all look like they don’t belong! REMEMBER my name WWE cuz this is only the Begining of The TAKE OVER!

  19. Oscar Morales

    I will be on the WWE Tough Enough because i have the motivation to be the next best superstar. I from Puerto Rico, i star to view WWE with mi granfather on 1993, i always said this is what i want and it is my dreams and no matter what happens i would realized. I prepared mentally, physically, and the most important is i will have the best trainners, BECAUSE I WILL BE THE GRATEST OF EXCELENCE…. Thanks Oscar (The Cesar)


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