Casting Chinese Actor NY


Casting notice posted on, casting location: Brooklyn, NY
We are casting a Chinese male for a short film that is a dark political satire called “The Politics of Conflict” this Tuesday, January 18th. Shooting will be February 7-12th. The shoot is non-union, lo pay, but will be a great asset to your reel. Please email me with your photo and resume!

Yo Han Ming
Co-Star / Male / Asian / 35 – 65 years
Description: Chinese. Communist with a business acumen, loyal to the People’s party, doing anything he can to augment its power. Unscrupulous and sharp, ready to adjust principles to obtain results. Authoritarian, disciplinarian, emotionally shallow, cruel, sadistic. Considers himself superior to everyone else. Dressed in Chinese formal attire, grey color. Knowledge of Chinese much preferred.

Casting Location: Brooklyn, NY
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