Casting Engaged couple for “Don’t Tell The Bride”


A Network is bringing the hit UK show “Don’t Tell the Bride” to America!

“Don’t Tell the Bride” is casting engaged couples who have big dreams and small budgets when it comes to the wedding.

Why should the Brits have all the wedding hype in 2011? Even if your name isn’t Kate, let a prince sweep you off your feet.

Your fiancé picked the perfect girl to marry, so he must have great taste!

“Don’t Tell the Bride” gives $25,000 to 8 cash-strapped couples to create the wedding of their dreams. The only catch is the bride and groom can’t see each other for three weeks before the nuptials, and the groom has to plan the whole wedding in secret.

“Don’t Tell the Bride” is the once in a lifetime opportunity for the groom to impress his bride by planning their dream wedding. Each episode focuses on one couple’s big day. Without input from the bride, the groom gets three weeks and $25,000 to plan a dream wedding.

The hit UK show “Don’t Tell the Bride” is coming to America. We are casting dynamic couples who are currently engaged, but lack the funds to have a dream wedding. Each episode of “Don’t Tell the Bride” focuses on one couple’s big day and what it took to make the wedding happen. The bride and groom agree to avoid all communication with each other for three weeks before the ceremony. In exchange, the groom is given $25,000 to plan the entire wedding without the bride’s input. Have no fear; each groom ultimately creates a unique wedding to celebrate his true love!

Casting Requirements:
– Must be over 18 years of age
– Currently engaged
– Willing and able to get legally married between July 2011 — September 2011
– Have a few groomsmen and bridesmaids with big personalities willing to be on the show with you
– No long distance or destination weddings. You must be willing to marry within driving distance of couple’s residence(s).

Please email with the following information:

? Bride’s name and Groom’s name
? Bride’s phone number
? Bride’s email
? Bride’s resident city
? Groom’s phone number
? Groom’s email
? Groom’s resident city
? A few sentences about you and why you are an ideal couple for the show
? Wedding status — where you are in the process
? Current photo of bride and groom (make sure we can clearly see you both)

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