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Casting Call on Dec 3, 2011

True Talent Entertainment is an innovated company looking to change the airways by bringing back good wholesome entertainment and creating new stars in the process. Currently we are producing a sizzle reel for our upcoming film “In My Father’s Shoes.” Filming will take place in the Atlanta area starting this winter.

In My Father’s Shoes is an inspiring film that tells the story of a prophetic poet who challenges his father’s ministry style, full of arrogance, pride and vanity by exposing him as a false prophet, an act that ultimately leads them both to a road of love, forgiveness and redemption.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, December 3, 2011 from 12 pm. until 6:00 pm at Scores Sports Bar located at 3607 North Desert Drive, East Point, GA. 30344

To submit for roles by email, send Character role submitting for, Name, Age, Resume/Headshot, Body Picture and Contact info to Each audition will be no more than 5 minutes. Be prepared for a cold read, maybe a monologue or improv. (Selected candidates will receive confirmation email for casting call. Roles established upon final audition only). To learn more about True Talent Entertainment go to All talent will be offered roles as extras, if not select for main roles.

Character Breakdown:
‘In My Father’s Shoes (Short) Character Breakdown
• Sir Bishop James Wild (African American Male-55 -60 yrs old). (Lengthy role)
Sir Bishop Wild is the head of the Wild family. His goal is to secure the office of Territorial Bishop and portray a perfect family image. He attempts, to control, shape and mold his family into a spotless family; however, the family is far from perfect.

• “Hosea Wild (African American Male – 30-40 yrs old).
Hosea is light-hearted, loyal, respectful and the eldest of the Wild offspring. He tries to stop his wife from her adulterous ways.
• “Grandmother Sarah (African American Female –70-75 yrs old).
Grandmother Sarah is a strong, giving, and spiritual mother of Zadore. She provides support for Zadore.
• “Sir Bishop Langley (Caucasian Male- 40 -50 yrs old).
Sir Bishop Langley is a fellow laborer and close friend of Sir Bishop Wild. He offers support to Sir Bishop Wild.
• “Paige Wilson (Caucasian Female- 25 -30 yrs old).
Paige is a kind-hearted prostitute who befriends Raven and later helps her escape the claws of their pimp.
• Counselor Adams (African American Male – 60-70 yrs old).
Counselor Adams is the Head Counselor of the Bishops Circle and adversary to Sir Bishop Wild.
• “Timothy Sims (African American Male- 30 -35 yrs old).
Timothy serves as an Armor Bearer to Sir Bishop Wild and later to Solomon Wild.
• “Kim Yang (Asian Female- 25-30 yrs old).
Kim is the mistress of Sir Bishop Wild.
• “1st lady Marsha Langley (Caucasian Female- 40 -50 yrs old).
1st Lady Langley is a close friend of Zadore (1st Lady Wild). She offers support to Zadore.
• “Julie Rushen (African American Female- 10 yrs old).
Julie is the daughter of Tina Rushen.
• “Jamie Wild (African American Female- 30 yrs old).
Jamie Wild is the eldest daughter of Sir Bishop James Wild. She struggles with trying to tell her father that she’s a lesbian.

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