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Jump In”

Everything is perfect when life happens…”Jump In” is a romantic-dramedy about taking risks, forgiveness, and appreciation for what we value most, family.

location: Springfield and Chicago, Illinois
Casting call is July 14th – by appointment only.
There is pay

please submit by:July 1, 2011

seeking actors for the following roles:
TROY ALEXANDER is a driven twenty-nine-year old and dedicated single mother and law school graduate. As attractive as she is ambitious, she knows who she is and what she wants. Her plan is to ultimately start up her own law practice in her hometown of suburban Chicago. Her love of law is an escape from the realities that include a failed marriage and a rocky, distant relationship with her mother. She’d rather have her head in a law book or reading about the stock market than to deal with the drama that comes along with relationships. At this point, love can only get in her way.

JORDAN is Troy’s son. He’s a typical six-year old, a first-grader losing teeth. He is as crazy about his mother as he is his game. An only child, he lacks the attention of his father but is a well-rounded kid thanks to his mother’s dedication to his upbringing.

DILILAH is Troy’s self-absorbed, distant mother. Early fifties though she appears much younger. She has the curves of a young woman. She’s worked hard and done well for herself, and she knows it. A registered nurse for the past twenty years, she has strived for and achieved a high level of financial freedom. She’s never had to ask anybody for anything. She is financially accessible to Troy, but not physically or emotionally. She is a devout shop-o-holic, her specialty – shoes.

CAMRYN is an affection-starved twenty-seven-year old entrepreneur that owns and operates a massage therapy clinic on Chicago’s northside. She is first cousin to Troy, her fellow partner in crime. A petite, bourgeoisie perfectionist with appealing looks, generally she has an outgoing personality, optimistic, despite an unstable five-year marriage to the love of her life. She appears conservative, but there’ more to her than meets the eye. A sneaky side. She hides this fact about as well as she hides her insecurities. Black art and expensive paintings happen to be her thing. She prefers to smoke Capri Slims, despite routine trips to the fitness center.

SHELDON is a thirty-year old young brother. Intelligent. Good looks. He’s a tinge sexy, even behind the glasses. He is a dedicated architect that knows his ?stuff? and good at what he does. He’s a bit on the cocky and arrogant side. Perhaps success has gone to his head. He?s hot then he?s cold when it comes to the relationship department. His main priority is himself. He?s a moody workaholic and devout sports fanatic. He is into expensive clothes and wears nothing but big name designers. Despite his imperfections, he is a good provider. He makes sure Camryn has nothing but the best of everything.

TARIN is Camryn?s sister. She?s a vibrant, bold twenty-six-year old. She?s a rebel. Young and athletic, she is a suburban Chicago police officer. She takes her job seriously. She has a tough exterior, but is pillow soft on the inside. She is an outspoken sister, the kind of person that speaks her mind and wins respect because of it. She monopolizes most conversations. She wants everything done her way, not one to conform. Her problem is that she?s indecisive. A daily dose of St. John?s Wart keeps her balanced.

ERIC is Tarin?s ?significant other?. Late twenties, he?s a young police officer in the city of Chicago. He?s a brother with a professional football player?s build and a dynamic personality to match. He struggles with the finality of the word ?marriage?. A faithful young man, he plans to marry the apple of his eye – one day. But for now, he?s afraid to take it a step further. He?s a free spirit, an easy-going fellow. He is stout but gentle as a lamb. A kidder.

MALIK BOND is a confident twenty-nine-year old Southern born and bred middle school math teacher. A ?go-getter? by nature, he?s handsome, tall and single. He is Eric?s right hand man. He?s a self-proclaimed ?Average Joe?. He can hold his own despite his modest teachers salary. What he lacks in his wallet, he makes up for in the personality department. His students are a priority. He?s a mature brother with an irresistible smile and seductive eyes.

ALEASE is Dililah?s sister. A mocha- colored woman, late-forties and thick in the hips; she is the mother of Camryn and Tarin. She is the glue that keeps her family together, the peace maker and motherly figure. She?s a sound voice when things get chaotic. She is still in love with the love of her life, husband and father of her children, pushing close to thirty years. She works in retail and has a knack for interior decorating.

EVERETT ALEXANDER is Alease?s mate for life. He is in his middle fifties, slightly graying hair. A lean dark skinned gentleman. He is a man of few words, a ?laid-back? kind of guy. He is a loving husband and a good provider, a dedicated postal worker for over two decades, and anxiously nearing an early retirement.

JAYSON KNOLLS is a professional photographer. He?s an independent twenty-eight-year old bachelor, tall with good looks. He?s a caramel-colored brother, not necessarily looking for love. He?s into his profession and pretty much a loner. Proficient in whatever his hands touch. He?s together from the inside out. He has an appealing smile and a naturally charming personality. A perfectionist.

JEFFREY DUPREE is Troy?s ex-husband, the father of her six-year old son, Jordan. He?s a little immature. He loves his son, that has never been a question, but he shuns the responsibility of being a full time father. A man that is in and out of his son?s life, he uses fatherhood as a way to stay in Troy?s life. He is unsure of himself and what the future hold, so he wanders with little sense of direction. He is not dependable or consistent when it comes to his son, or anything else for that matter.

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