Casting New Game Show


Casting New game show

New game show for folks with pop culture knowledge for top cable network. Win $$ and have fun!!!
Working title “NY Know It All”
Who Qualifies:
YOU… if you fit ALL of the following criteria:
· Are a NYC area resident / US citizen with an accent from your native country…to represent the melting pot that is NYC OR are a parent(s) w/ one or two pre-teen OR teenage kids OR a NY or surrounding area business owner (must have a lively office space w/ at least 3 separate rooms).
· Have an interesting funky home (i.e.: 900 sq. ft. 2 bedroom duplex w/ bathtub in the kitchen in Astoria, 2,000 sq ft row house filled with fun knick knacks, etc.)
*Collectibles in the home are a HUGE plus! (ie: favorite childhood toys, collections of stuff, a chair from the Lunar space module,…stuff that makes people go “WOW!” or “What the heck?!”)
*NOTE: “Living Space” can also be your office, if you run the office and it’s a fun interesting space
· Live / run a company w/ a 3 room plus office within 30 minutes from Manhattan (ie: Bergen or Hudson County, NJ, Yonkers, Long Island, etc.).
· Are a female OR a male w/ a female partner (roommate, friend, wife etc.) to apply with. *Most of the solo male slots have been filled for the show.
· Have an incredibly outgoing personality (think Game Show!)
· Know about movies, TV shows and basic pop culture trivia
· Know a little bit about “NY food” [Sample questions: Name a food item you can buy from a street food vendor? What’s a knish?]
· Would easily be able to send a 1-2 minute video of you and your living space
· Can easily take one day off from work
· Would love the opportunity to win thousands of dollars
*Please don’t apply if you don’t fit the above requirements to a tee*
*We are casting fun people who live, work and/or play in or near NYC…so for the “package” (the bit of the show where you are introduced, a little TV intro. – photo/video/montage about the contestant) we want to show footage of your living space – real NY living spaces (not some made up TV version). We want to see it lived in the way YOU live in it. IE: If you baked last night and went to sleep with dishes in the sink, LEAVE them, or if you just did laundry and there are piles everywhere waiting to be folded, LEAVE it as is; if you’re an artist and your canvas is being stretched in the middle of the room, LEAVE it be. It’s not about a glimpse into a lovely “sterile” home but a quick gander at how REAL New Yorker’s live…and play! If indeed, you are super neat, so be it…leave your home just the way it is for the pics. Remember: we are very interested in seeing interesting / special STUFF in the photos that is normally left out of displayed in the home

*NOTE: The photos and requested video will not air; they are just to give us an idea for your possible Real NY intro package, if chosen.

Application Requirements:

1) Complete Your Application
Click here to download the application now
(If applying with a “partner” each must complete a separate application).

2) Photo of you and photos of every room in your pad (for consideration for show’s intro. packet)

· Pictures of your home (Include one or two of every room in your home. Make sure to show us your interesting “stuff”. We want to see those things that show us your unique personality (ie: those nutty collections of things, interesting collages, overflowing bookshelves, collections of whatever, cool and interesting STUFF in your home etc). Photos should be no more than 1MB in size (or medium resolution)
· Two pictures of yourself (If applying with a roommate, spouse, partner, friend, etc., include a picture of the two of you together as well)
3) 2-3 min. video of you in your home. Have someone take a short video of you and your awesome personality giving us a tour of your nest. Take us through every room (again, just to give us ideas for an opening intro package). Please show us your unique collections of stuff that WOWS people! Make sure you are on camera too, not just your place.
*NOTE: Put all lights on. No mood lighting.

Important: Submit as link to online video (no password needed) or attachment (MPEG or MOV format). File or link must be named with your initials followed by any sequence of numbers, e.g. “”

Email your completed application along with photos and video to:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not send items separately. Wait until you have ALL three items. Separate items will not be considered. So strict, I know!

If you fit ALL of these requirements APPLY RIGHT AWAY!