Casting Showtime series ‘Homeland’ with Claire Danes


The Showtime series ‘Homeland’ will be filming in Charlotte, North Carolina and Los Angeles. Producers are seeking extras from the North Carolina area for the project.

Homeland Extras Casting in Charlotte

The show is seeking the following types:

* Military men and women
* Police and secret service types
* Government and political types (staffers, aides, senators, CIA agents)
* Men of Middle Eastern, Greek, Lebanese, Persian, Hispanic, Colombian, Indian and Turkish descent.
* Computer tech types
* An excellent male squash player in his 30s
* A stenographer with her own machine
* A lead guitarist type in early 20s
* Males and females of all ages and types

To apply as an extra on ‘Homeland’ – please submit a current photo and the following information: name, phone, address, e-mail address, height, weight, hair and eye color, age, clothing sizes, availability, and skills or previous experience to