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Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Washington, DC Area

Canaan Solomon- (early 20’s) MUST SING College football player recovering from an ACL injury who must decide if he will step out on faith or turn back to the streets, youngest son of Ruth Solomon, and lead character in Am I My BROTHER’S KEEPER?

Ruth Solomon- (early 40’s- early 50’s) MUST SING Mother of the Solomon Brothers, Choir Director, Nurse and a devout Southern Christian

Jaelin Williams- MUST SING (early 20’s) College senior accepted to law school, girlfriend of Canaan Solomon, choir member, sorority sister of Aminah Ali and the lead female in Am I My BROTHER’S KEEPER?

Nina Solomon- (5-8years old) Daughter of Matthew Solomon and Fatima Brown and granddaughter of Ruth Solomon

Myra Partee- MUST SING (late 30’s-late 40’s) Close friend of Ruth Solomon and head of the Drama Ministry at Greater Mount Sinai Holiness Church

Aminah Ali- (early 20’s) College senior, Muslim sorority sister of Jaelin Williams from Brooklyn, New York and is interested in Domonique Partee of the Shaw Mafia

Reina Santana- (late 20’s) Afro-Latino or Latino Mistress of Bishop Emmanuel Hargrove and Akeem Santana’s cousin on his father’s side

Bishop Emmanuel Hargrove- (mid 40’s-early 50’s) Head of the Greater Mount Sinai Holiness Church in NW, Washington, DC

Deacon Jamal Frye- (early 30’s) Youngest Deacon at the Greater Mount Sinai Holiness Church, and husband of Emilia Frye

Detective Kendall Martin- (mid 30’s-early 40’s) Lead Detective at the local Metropolitan Police Department

Liturgical/Praise Dancers Adults and Children are needed

Choir Members 4 Roles Available

Gentlemen’s Club Dancers 2 Roles Available

Nurse 1 Role Available

Paramedics/Police Officers 2 Roles Available

For more information about Six Feet High Productions VISIT: www.landravphillips.com

Casting Location: Washington, DC Area
Contact email: sixfeethighproductions@gmail.com

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