‘Divorce Court’ Los Angeles


Looking to cast couple on the verge of Divorce in the Los Angeles area

If you’re in a marriage that’s falling apart due to infidelity, controlling iusses, inlaw issues, etc, we want to hear your story! “Diovrce Court” is currently looking to book married cuoples who can’t stop fighting and are about to throw in the towel. If you’re looking for that last ditched effort to save your marriage or if you’re already going thru divorce and still would like to get some counseling, have your case heard and each of you would recieve $500 for appearing, we pay for you travel to LA..

We want stories with lots of layers, emotions, stories.. So if you’re fighting only over the small stuff we won’t be interested.. Please call Ron asap at 310-369-9571 ASAP and tell him your story. BOTH SIDES MUST APPEAR!