Dreamworks casting ‘How to Train your Dragon’


Auditions for Teens and Young Adults

Auditions will be held in Las Vegas on March 7th 2011 and Los Angeles on March 8 and March 9 2011

‘How To Train Your Dragon’ is being turned into an amazing arena production by Dreamworks Theatrical and the Australian entertainment company Global Creatures. The new show is based on the hit movie ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ that was released last year.

The show is seeking young performers in their teens and twenties to be able to play the part of teens. The show will begin rehearsals in Australia 2011 and will begin a world tour in early 2012.


young performers with exceptional physical skills or ability to learn such skills. The skills sought are aerial, martial arts, parkour, breakdancing, flying, rope work, extensive acrobatics and tumbling skills, slapstick, circus, climbing pole and teeter board.

Casting the following roles:


lead, male teen

small, skinny, wirey


reads as female, teen

requires high level acrobatic skills, tumbling and aerial skills.’Heartthrob, strong, sleek and slender

Stoik & Gobber

Vikings, middle aged, rough and tough. Large and epic. Will have battle scenes. Think wrestler type with Scottish accent

also casting the following roles:

Snotlout – teen male

Ruffnut – teen male

Tuffnut – teen female

Fishlegs – male teen

Auditions will be held in Los Angeles and Las vegas

email joanie@joaniespina.com – auditions are by appointment only!