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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Miami FL
CASTING CALL for Sangre Mia, low budget indie feature film, slated to shoot in early 2012. Bilingual roles are for English/Spanish.
Marco – bilingual Cuban male (early 30s)
Al – bilingual Cuban male (early 40s)
Jose – bilingual Cuban male (mid 30s)
Tiffany – caucasian female (early 30s)
Lynnette – caucasian female (early 30s)
Jesse – caucasian male (early 30s)
Maria – bilingual Cuban female ( late 30s)
Jorge – bilingual Cuban male (60s)
Eduviges – bilingual Cuban female (late 50s)
Joaquin – mulatto Cuban male (early 40s)
Dillon and Sheriff – caucasian male (mid 50s)
Bonnie – caucasian female (early 50s)
Boyce, Herlin, Wade – caucasian males (early 30s)
Bobby – large caucasian male (early 30s)
Mark – Cuban male (6-8)
Danny – Cuban male (4-6)
Please send headshots to: Stingtown Media LLC, 3433 Lithia Pinecrest RD, Ste 322, Valrico FL 33596. Email questions to Thank you! You can also visit or

Casting Location: Miami FL
Contact email:

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