Jacksonville Casting Call for film


audition notice posted by the Producer
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Jacksonville, FL

A mob boss hires a psychic assassin to kill an unknown enemy. Only the enemy isn’t unknown and he wasn’t kept as far away from it all as he’d hoped.

Filming will take place in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Yulee and Amelia Island, Florida over the course of 6 weekends starting in May. Rehearsal will be in the evenings during April. There is no pay for this project at the moment, however you will get a copy of the movie after it’s submitted to the several national film festivals we’ll be submitting it to. We’re also posting it on IMBD. Expenses will be covered and kraft services will be provided.

Role 1:
Male, 18 to 25
Simon is in his mid to late 20’s with a stocky or thick build and at least 5’9″. He’s a former muscle man who is trying to move his way up the syndicate’s ladder. Simon was the best at what he did and now he’s anxious to prove that he can be a valuable asset to the Boss.
Role 2:
Male, 26 to 39
Vic is in his early to mid 30’s with a thin / scrawny build and at least 5’9″. Vic is a veteran under the Boss’s syndicate and responsible for showing Simon the ropes. A bad decision finds Vic worried for his life and turning to the new kid for help.
Role 3:
Male, 40 to 59
Boss is in his mid 40’s to late 50’s, very fit and good looking – he takes pride in himself. The Boss runs the syndicate with a firm hand and no one questions him. He’s known to use boxing as a means of venting.
Role 4:
Female, 18 to 25
Erica is in her late teens to early 20’s with preferably long dark hair but not necessarily and a slender figure. Erica is the Boss’s daughter adopted through questionable means who earned the title of right hand man. The Boss trusts her, maybe more than he should, after all, she hides a bitter lethal side.
Role 5:
Female, 26 to 39
Bell is in her mid to late 20’s with sex appeal and charisma. Bell is the Boss’s wife and she knows how to use her charms and skills to get what she wants, especially with men.
Role 6:
Male, 18 to 25
Pinker is in his early to mid 20’s with a laid back relaxed way to him. Pinker was a computer hacker for the syndicate but now works as a security consultant. However, since you never really leave the family he still acquires rare and unusual items for the syndicate.
Role 7:
Pinker’s Wife
Female, 18 to 25
Pinker’s Wife is in her mid 20’s. Married to Pinker, she’s happy to be the blissful suburban housewife, completely oblivious to her husbands work with the syndicate.
Role 8:
Female, 26 to 39
T is in her 30’s. No one really knows what to think of T or knows who she is. Some believe she’s a psychic assassin – but no matter what they think – they know she’s a professional with a flawless record who’s never had one hit traced back to her.
Role 9:
Kid 1 & 2
Male or Female, under 13
2 Kids male or female age 9-12.

Submission Instructions:
There is a open casting call on Sunday, March 13, 2011 from Noon to 5 pm at O’Brother’s Irish Pub. O’Brother’s is located at 1521 Margaret St, Jacksonville, FL 32204. Please bring a head shot and resume and have a monologue prepared.

If you can’t make the casting call please email a resume and head shot and we’ll try arrange another audition.

Casting Location: Jacksonville, FL
Contact email: k.copeland.murray@gmail.com