MTV ‘Double Life’


Do you lead a double life?

MTV Casting Call – Reality Shows

Do you lead a double life? We’re looking for extreme here (i.e. accountant all week and racecar driver on weekends), so actors trying to make ends meet need not apply. Or maybe you work (and look like you belong) in a world of luxury, but your home is the polar opposite. Has your family chosen your every move, and you are desperately trying to break free (i.e. an arranged marriage, quitting the family biz, leaving sports, religious conversions, etc.). Are you on the brink of personal success? Have a HUGE personality? Or maybe you have a secret you’re finally willing to share?

If you or someone you know fits these descriptions, then we want to give you an opportunity to share your story with the world! MTV is looking for real people who know they are destined to be a superstar. We want to hear all about the double life you lead, the dream job you are chasing down, or the decision that will affect everyone around you.

So if you live in the tri-state area, appear to be between the ages of 18 and 26, AND KNOW IN YOUR HEART YOU ARE A STAR, please send us an email at Include your contact info (full name & phone number), a detailed account of what’s going on in your life (including any video you may have), and photos of yourself.

Remember, this show is ALL about character, so show it to us!