MTV Tryouts | Does your family do strange things?


MTV Tryouts – Do you have really strange parents or do your parents have an odd living arrangement?

Do your parents have bizarre hobbies or strange jobs? How about a crazy obsession or an unconventional domestic arrangement? MTV wants to celebrate the weird world that is your family!(inside)Do your parents Cosplay or spend weekends going Goth or dressing rockabilly? Are you afraid to be seen with your mom or dad because they are obsessed with body-building, paranormal activity, square dancing or even cross dressing? Do you avoid inviting friends over because your parents are always hanging out in the nude? Are you singled out on the block because your biker parents and their friends have packed the front yard with Harleys?Whoever they are (we’re up for any oddity you throw at us), whether they’re freegans in a folk band, die-hard hippies, swingers, circus performers, obsessed Twilight fanatics or American Kennel Club enthusiasts, and it’s NOT your thing, we want to hear from you!

Send an email to and describe what it is that makes your parents weird and wacky and what it’s like to live under the same roof– attach any photos that help illustrate. Please include your name, contact info, the city you live in and a current photo of yourself.

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