“My Strange Addiction” Casting nationwide

By | March 22, 2013

nationwide tryouts for TV show

“My Strange Addiction” is currently casting for its second season.

We are searching for people who have strange addictions and want to share their compelling personal story on a documentary television series. This non-exploitative program will explore how your behavior affects your life and those around you.

The first season of the series told the stories of two dozen people and how their addictions were affecting their lives, work and relationships. While some people might turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with the stresses of everyday life, these addicts found comfort by eating toilet paper, sleeping with a running blow dryer or wearing a fur suit. Each addict received counseling for their addiction and learned how they could stop.

Your obsession may be strange, embarrassing, and even odd, but if it’s affecting your life, we want to help you.

We provide medical and psychological insights with the hope of getting people to conquer their addiction. Our production crew is trained to handle sensitive stories and, of course, each and every story will be treated delicately.

Please be advised that we will need you to provide people in your life that are willing to be on camera to share their concerns with your behavior.

If you or someone you know is battling an unusual addiction or behavior and would be interested in appearing on the show, please respond to this ad by providing the following information: your name, age, city, contact information, recent photo and brief summary on how your strange addiction is impacting your life.

Please note that all inquiries will be kept confidential and whatever your story or crisis may be, we’re hear to listen! Thank you so much for your interest in “My Strange Addiction.”

One thought on ““My Strange Addiction” Casting nationwide

  1. Brittany Robertson

    Brittany Robertson
    Milwaukee Wisconsin
    Addicted to lemon honey halls cough drops
    For 5 years. Eat over 200 cough drops a day


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