Castings and Auditions for My Strange Addiction

Got a Secret Phobia?

Do you have an unusual secret? If you do, a production company would love to know about it.  If your phobia / fear is interfering in your life, a TV show may be able to help you get over it. If you have a phobia for cotton balls, tin foil, balloons or hate certain body… Read More »

Addicted to Chocolate, Social Media, Video Games or Something Else? Casting Kids and Adults with Odd Addictions

Casting People with Addictions for Major Cable Network Show Location: Nationwide Type: Reality TV New Inspirational Show on Major Cable Network seeking children and adults who have unusual addictions that plan to overcome those addictions within the next year. -Are you addicted to chocolate, candy, video games, the internet/social media, shopping, certain products, or anything… Read More »

Does Your Kid or Teen Have a Strange Addiction?

Seeking Kids & Teens With Strange Addictions Location: Nationwide Type: Reality TV Seeking Kids & Teens With Strange Addictions National show is seeking participants between 5-18 years of age around the US with strange addictions! If you have a strange addiction we want to hear from you! Contact: Payment: Non Paid City or Location… Read More »

My Strange Addiction is now Casting!

Where: Nationwide Type: Reality TV Inspirational hit “My Strange Addiction” is now casting! Are you living with a strange addiction? Does your obsession affect your quality of life? Are others worried about how your addiction has progressed? Would you like to seek help for, or a better understanding of, your addiction? If you’re living with… Read More »

“My Strange Addiction” Casting nationwide

nationwide tryouts for TV show “My Strange Addiction” is currently casting for its second season. We are searching for people who have strange addictions and want to share their compelling personal story on a documentary television series. This non-exploitative program will explore how your behavior affects your life and those around you. The first season… Read More »