Open call for short film – Tampa, FL


Open call for ‘Brainpan’, a short indie film

OPEN CASTING CALL – Independent Short Film for Festival Submissions

This casting call is for Frickbat Films LLC

We are a new local start up independent film company (self funded) with a plan of putting out several 10-40min short films. The goal is two for 2011.

We are in the process of building a “troupe” of actors for use in all our films so if you enjoy your work with us, and vice-versa, we may choose to have you back in future films.

This is a horror genre film, emphasis on story not on gore, (with a twist at the end) – it also has quite a bit of humor. No nudity, no use of drugs and only light foul language is used. We will provide the script upon contact to those that initially fit the roles.

We will be filming toward the end of March beginning of April. Shot location may be in Tampa near or at USF – transportation will be provided from a gathering point in Orlando to Tampa if that is the case.

For this current film we need the following:

** Dr LaFayette : Two Scenes – speaking role – Male – age over 40 (preferably over 50) – to play a wise, mentor PhD of Psychology. Must be able to do a believable southern gentleman’s accent. This is a very important role and one that will be *very memorable* to the audience as this character gets the very last line – a bit of a punchline – that smashcuts to the credits.

** 3 Males / 2 Females : Opening Scene – small speaking roles – this is a Humorous / Comedic opening in the setting of a Group Therapy session.

We’re looking for individuals who can be naturally funny and can take direction well.

** 1 Male : Opening Scene – small speaking role – Must be Asian (it is part of the written humor) and able to speak their ethnic language (Chinese needs to be able to speak Chinese or a Korean needs to be able to speak Korean etc) – again this is part of the Group Therapy session and are looking for an individual who can be naturally funny and takes direction well.

** 1 Suit Cop (US Marshal) : non-speaking role – Male – looking for someone who is very built / muscular – a male model will be fine for this role.

Via initial contact *please* provide a headshot and any other material that will make you ‘bubble to the top’ of the list.

We also give film / acting students at USF/UCF special consideration.

Frickbat Films LLC is directly affiliated with The Devil’s Minstrels, a popular online episodic show – if you wish to see the quality of the final product go to videos are here

and we have over 85,000 fans on myspace with *hundreds of thousands of views* here

Be sure to check out the *newest* Devil’s Minstrels material as it has improved considerably since it’s inception in 2008. Frickbat Films employs the same filming techniques and plan on taking even farther than The Devil’s Minstrels.

Frickbat Films is a new entity so these are unpaid positions, however we will provide food and piece of mind that your work *will* be seen as our intention is to hit the Film Festivals Nation Wide circuit hard with submissions. Your work, like that of The Devil’s Minstrels, will get exposure.

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