“Quiero Mi Boda” is now casting for MTV Tr3s

MTV Tr3s is casting for the third season “Quiero Mi Boda”.

MTV Tr3s is seeking US couple 18 to 60 years of age – who have a wedding scheduled for 2011 and would like to appear on the MTV reality show “Quiero Mi Boda”. Couples that appear on the show will get $2000 to spend on their honeymoon. The show shoots a few days or a week before the wedding and then again during the wedding.

Please look at the requirements below:
seeking couple that are engaged and are either both latino from different countries or only one of you is latino.

to submit your information for the show, please email your story and your story about the proposal, names, contact info, 3 pictures of yourselves, 1 picture as a couple and one of each of you separately, your ages, wedding date and location of your wedding to: diana.mera@mtvstaff.com

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