MTV Casting “Quiero Mi Boda”

By | April 5, 2010

Are you planning for la boda de tus sueños and your love is from a different country or cultural background? MTV Tr3s is casting for a new season of Quiero Mi Boda!

With Quiero Mi Boda, MTV Tr3s takes an inside look at cross-cultural weddings and the hustle and bustle surrounding them. Weddings are a special event in the life of a couple: a day where not only two people join in matrimony but also a day when two families unite.

Now imagine these two families being from completely different cultural backgrounds: different tastes, traditions and sometimes even different languages. That is Quiero Mi Boda, a show that will go behind-the-scenes as these unique couples’ lifetime unions come to life.

Email us ASAP at!
Be sure to include the following in your email:

Contact Info

First and last names of you and your fianceé
Each of your e-mail addresses
Each of your phone numbers (mobile or other)

1 photograph of yourself alone
2 photographs of your fianceé alone
3 photographs of you together as a couple
Relationship Details

How you and your fianceé met
Each of your backgrounds
What are the common elements that you and your fianceé share?
What are the differences that fuel the culture clash?
Wedding Details

Wedding date and location (including city and state)
What makes your boda so special?

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