Reality Competition show tryouts Los Angeles

Casting call for “Disappeared”

The producers of Dirty Jobs, The Ultimate Fighter and Ghost Hunters are challenging you to the ultimate game of hide and seek in Los Angeles. Producers are looking for pairs of adventurers (boyfriend/girlfriend, father/son, friends, coworkers…) who are smart, strategic and determined enough to evade a team of skilled trackers for five days in LA.

For every day you disappear, you and your teammate will receive $300 each, for a combined possible total of $3,000.

But this is no kids’ game. This new presentation for a major cable network will put you under intense pressure with only a few limited resources and a series of missions to complete. It’s up to YOU and your teammate as to where you go, where you sleep and where you hide. Think Running Man-meets-The Amazing Race… in your OWN backyard!

This not-for-broadcast production will film in LA from Tuesday, April 12 to Saturday, April 16. To apply, send an email to producers TODAY at with your name and the name of your teammate, recent photos of you both, phone numbers to contact you and a brief explanation of why you think you can evade our expert trackers for five days.

This is your chance to make LA your playground. You can run… but can you hide?

* You must be at least 21 years old and a citizen or legal resident of the United States to take part in this presentation.

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