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Choir/Chorus Auditions for 4-voice Heavy Metal Theatrical Production
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Seattle, WA
We are auditioning for members of the Chorus for Ara’Kus, an established Operatic/Symphonic Metal Band and Production Company based out of the Seattle and North End area. We are looking for singers of all voices to join us in our hugely successful theatrical production, Aeterno Elementum, The Eternal Elements, as part of the Northwest’s only heavy metal chorus. We need chorus members for the next shows, which will take place on August 26 and 27, at the Historic Everett Theater. This will be the third run of Aeterno Elementum at HET.

Aeterno Elementum tells a sweeping story of betrayal and tragedy that leaves viewers in shock and awe. The basic story is about one man’s dream of a world without sin, only to find that when this is achieved, there is no one else in it. This chilling story is told not only through the music, but also through performers of all types. Actors bring to life the events of the tales, while martial artists and dancers of various sorts amaze the audience and create a sense of intense spectacle. Contributing to this artistic tapestry are compositions which feature complex, classically-influenced progressions that appeal to even non-fans of heavy metal, and showcase several operatic vocalists as well as a full 4-voice chorus. Orchestrated pieces feature operatic soprano Vivian Lee and tenor Jeremiah Johnson, plus classical interludes by guitarist Randy Haines and pianist Rachel Brunson, and other unexpected performances. We have some of the Seattle Knights performing in our fight scenes!

We rehearse on Wednesdays in Woodinville, and the show is in Everett. If you are interested in coming out to participate, contact me for sheet music; tell me if you are soprano, alto, tenor, or base. Videos and music are available on We want to hear you sing; prepare a song to sing a capella, any song. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Casting Location: Seattle, WA
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