Theatre Auditions “The Awakening”


Spring’s Awakening by Frank Wedekind with English Translation by Eric Bentley

The play deals with a group of school children just entering the age of puberty — imaginative beings speculating
about the mysteries of life. Wendla, sent to her grave by her loving but prudish mother, is an exquisite, lovable
child; Melchior, the innocent father of Wendla’s unborn baby, is a gifted boy whose thirst for knowledge leads
him to inquire into the riddle of life, and to share his observations with his school chums — a youth who, in a free
and intelligent atmosphere, might have developed into an original thinker. That such a boy should be punished
as a moral pervert, only goes to prove the utter unfitness of our educators and parents. Moritz, Melchior’s
playfellow, is driven to suicide because he cannot pass his examinations, thanks to our stupid and criminal
system of education which consists in cramming the mind to the bursting point.

Auditions by appointment are being held on Thursday, February 3rd between 2PM & 3:45PM and 8PM and
10PM only.

Please e-mail with your FULL NAME and your preference for schedule
(afternoon or evening).

Walk-ins will not be seen under any circumstances. Please prepare a 90 second cut of a contemporary dramatic
monologue. Also please note that the breakdown has changed and the director wishes only to see actors and
actresses between 17 and 40.

The complete rehearsal schedule is posted below. If cast for a particular role you must be at ALL rehearsals with
no exceptions. You may not leave early and you may not be late. Sickness is also not an excuse for missing
rehearsal unless you have hospital discharge papers. The show is 2 hours and 45 minutes long and we can not
afford to have anyone miss rehearsal.

The roles of Wendla, Melchior, and Moritz will be double cast.

Please note the show is rated R. If you are not comfortable with the storyline you should not audition.

This production is non-equity and there is no pay. Performances will take place at the Times Square Arts Center
in Midtown NYC at the Roy Arias Theater Center’s 4th Floor Off Off Broadway theater.

Auditions & rehearsals will be held at
Paul Michael’s THE NETWORK
242 West 36th Street between 7th & 8th Avenues
3rd Floor
You must have a stapled headshot and resume with you at the time of audition for