TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” Now Casting


TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” Now Casting
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Nationwide
TLC is currently casting for the second season of “My Strange Addiction.”

This compelling series shares the stories of people struggling with the most uncommon addictions. From cravings for soap to hobbies turned obsessions, “My Strange Addiction” looks at how and why the strangest addictions develop, and how they affect peoples’ lives.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a strange addiction, please send the following information to : Name, age, location, current photo, and a brief description of how your behavior/addiction is affecting your life.

No matter your situation, we look forward to hearing from you!

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email:

5 thoughts on “TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” Now Casting

  1. brandy stephenson

    I am addicted to rubbing the plastic on the remote controllers. I’ve been doing this sence I was 11 I lost relationships and family memebers because of this I go almost everywhere with my remote.

  2. tabitha gladfelter

    my strange addiction is, i bite my taste buds until my whole tounge is ciompletely bleeding and i swallow them also after im done eating my taste buds i have to eat something salty amd have that burning sensation. The pain of me biting mt taste buds is like an adrenalin rush for me and i manley do it when im very anxious and at night when i watch t.v. Nobody knows about this because i really didnt think it was that serious of a problem until i started watching the show my strange addiction then i started wondering more about what problems i could be causing for myself by eating my taste buds until my whole tounge is completly bleeding and then eating some food that burns my tounge,mainly salt and vineger chips. I feel like sometimes i could be wearing my front teeth down and if i loose my teeth thats it i will loose my mind. My teeth are one of my best traits, thier no perfect but their no messed up badlt to the point where i have something wrong with my teeth to the point where its noticable.

  3. Sheree Wiley

    I am addicted to picking at my skin, eating tissue paper while i sniff nail polish remover.I started with eating tissue paper when i was younger and i went to sniffing cigarettes that was still in the pack and from there i started sniffing rubbing alochol now im at sniffing nail polish remover. I have messed up my teeth because of the tissue, my memory has gone alilttle. i can not stay focus for a long period of time.. i have 5 children and it is really affecting them mental.. I can not keep a relationship because they say that im crazy mentally. I know that the things im doing is killng me but i cant stop.

  4. Victoria

    My strange addiction is I eat the skin off my fingers. I chew off the patches of skin where my fingernails are and off my thumbs and index fingers. It’s just like chewing your nails although it’s my skin and I actually swallow it. It’s highly awkward and unattractive in public and I get lots of stares from strangers. My friends told me I should get some help so I decided I would go to you guys.

  5. Arica

    My strange addiction is that I suck my fingers and I play with the tags of 3 bears while I’m sucking my fingers… I have been sucking my fingers for about 20 years… Since I was a baby. As a baby I never would suck a pacifier, I just would suck my fingers… I am now 20 years old and still do it… I never thought it was a big deal but everybody around and my family keep telling me how I’m messing up my teeth and social life. I have tried stopping but I cant. I suck my fingers every night to help me go to sleep or else I can’t sleep. I do it when I’m watching tv and before I do anything thing else. I have to stop and suck my fingers for a couple of seconds. I will like to try and to stop but so far every time I’ve tried I cant do it. I can’t go a few hours with out sucking my fingers or I get nervous.


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