TruTV Reality Show AUDITION


TruTV Reality Show AUDITION
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta
On Location Casting is currently accepting video audition submissions for a TruTV Reality television show to be filmed in ATLANTA, GA next week. Possible shoot dates are either 4/14/11 or 4/15/11
Seeking the following NON-UNION “Real People” type:
-(1) MALE SPORTS TEAM OWNER: Male, Caucasian, age range 40s-50s, upscale, distinguished – this character would own a minor league hockey team that just lost one of their major sponsors. He has a huge vintage car collection and now he can’t support his “habit” so is getting one of his cars repo-ed by the high end repo team. Pay rate is $100.00 (Non-Union)
-(2) MALE MECHANICS: Male, all ethnicities, age range 20s-30s, sort of rough & tough looking. These guys are hired hands who physically try to stop the Sports Team Owners car from being repossessed. Pay rate is $75.00/each (Non-Union)
TruTV is looking for some really CRAZY and interesting characters who are not afraid to get REALLY angry, nasty & even violent on camera. They want real reactions to situations you will be presented with on camera while interacting with lead actors.
Pay rate for this project is listed per character and would likely be a 6-7 hour shoot day.
In order for your audition tape to be submitted to the Director, you MUST be available for the entire shoot date which will be one of the following days: Thurs. 4/14/11 OR Fri. 4/15/11 in the ATLANTA area. Please have BOTH dates available if selected.
There will be no official in-person auditions, these will be self-submitted auditions.
To be considered – please do the following ASAP:
–Video yourself against a plain background (can be handheld video camera, iPhone, cell phone, etc. – doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive recording but should be decent quality WITH sound)
–First state your first & last name and where you currently live (ATLANTA area submissions or people able to get themselves to Atlanta ONLY!)
–Turn to each side to give us a quick view of your profiles
–Shoot a one minute video of yourself reacting to the following scenario:
-A cop is trying to give you a parking ticket for $200 and you are making bogus excuses about why you shouldn’t get the ticket. He is a total jerk and is being difficult so you get REALLY pissed off – shouting, swearing, shoving the cop, etc. He isn’t budging and this escalates to a physical level where you get menacing and physically aggressive with the cop.
Be sure to direct all of your actions to the camera as if the camera were the cop you are essentially arguing with, threatening and possibly even assaulting.
If you are a crazy character with A LOT of personality and want us to consider you for this project, please send us your one minute video via email ASAP (NO later than Tues. 4/13/11, although the sooner the better) to: with the subject line ATLANTA SHOOT Video Submission

Casting Location: Atlanta
Contact email:

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  1. Romeo tayag jr

    I’m a disabled veteran I work as a convoy trainer and a heavy equipment tractor trailer and tow truck operator for the military. I’m a civilian employee. For the government I was wondering how I get to audition for your shows as a crazy mad angry person which would be just playing myself I hardly see any Asian males on your show thank you


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