Tryouts for FOX show “Mobbed”


Mobbed Casting Call and audition information

The producers of FOX’s new hit show MOBBED are now casting in Southern California!


• Are you changing your career and don’t know how to tell your family?
• Is it time to cut the apron strings for your children?
• Have you wronged someone and need to beg for forgiveness?
• Are you dropping out of college and need to tell your parents?
• Is it time to tell your spouse to give up on the music dreams?
• Do you have a friend who needs to be told to move on from their past relationship?

If any of these stories fit your situation or you have your own unique story, then we want to hear from you!

We are looking for people who are:
• 18 or older, US citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States.
• Outgoing, charismatic, and willing to share your news on national TV.
• Ideally in Southern California, but if you have a GREAT story, we will still consider you.

Email us NOW!
Please include your name, contact info, occupation, current photo, a summary of your story & tell us why you would be great for our show.
NOTE: The casting for this show is highly confidential and secretive, so please do not tell anyone that you are applying for the show.

5 thoughts on “Tryouts for FOX show “Mobbed”

  1. lnita webb

    I made a huge mistake with my boyfriend and he doesn’t want. Anything to do wit me at the moment. I want to prove to him that I have changed, he means the world to me and I wana prove my love to him and show uom that I care about him Ans only want him in my life!! My daughter is a big part in this because she loves him ago so much…

  2. Britt Shaw

    How do you become a dancer/actor with Mobbed?

  3. Jorge Pena

    Howie, howie, I hope you read mine. I have been wanting to show my girlfriend that I truly love her. And I want to know if you can help me. We only have met once and it was the best night ever, we saw a movie and when I left I didn’t want to let her go out of my arms, I left then turned back and said to my self I can’t go so I went back and hugged her. Howie we are only 13, but please help me. People might say we are to young to love but we aren’t. My love for her is strong and nothing can break it. Howie, please contact me, through email or anything. I want to show her I truly love her and if you do help me I want to play our song. She means the world to me and I just want to show her I truly love her. I can’t explain my love for her. I just want to see her one more time. Hold her one more time, Howie please help me or anyone help me please. I love this girl with all my heart. Help me please.

  4. Jon

    From early 2011 thru may of 2012 my family family endured its’ greatest fight.
    My wife was diagnosed with a relatively simple cancer to cure. It turned out to be the ultimate struggle for her life. With two toddlers in tow she endured multiple surgeries to battle the disease. After the final surgery due to rapid spreading the doctors gave her a 30% chance of survival. The only chance remaining was to hang our hat on chemotherapy which would be the second bought. First dose did not work. Miraculously the final dose worked!!! We are celebrating the anniversary of her remission with a surprise party and would love to incorporate a mob!!

  5. Jessica jones

    Hi, well a year ago me and the love of my life broke up and it crushed me. Well we are friends now and the day we got together is coming up soon and I want to ask him to be with me again on that day. I want to tell him I forgive him and ask him to forgive me. I also want to ask him if we can start over and show him that I have always cared and I feel by him getting mobbed it will show him how much I do truly care about him.


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