TV Series now casting L.A.


Casting notice posted by the Casting Assistant
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Los Angeles


UP TO $1000 compensation for lost wages and location fees.

We’re looking for subjects for a new documentary-style television series.
Do you love animals? Have you transformed your life to be more like them? To look more like them? Eat more like they do? Live more like them?
A thought provoking new TV series wants to hear from you!

Some of the stories we’ve looked into…

Michael’s pets are his best friends. Throughout the years, he’s grown to envy their simple lives, and as a way to develop a deeper connection with them, he’s begun sharing their dinner on the floor. He feels that the line between master and pet is arbitrary, and that we can all learn a lot from our humble companions.

John is an ex-addict who was kicked out of his parent’s house as a teenager. For years, he lived in various backyard doghouses for shelter, moving to find a new one whenever the homeowners became suspicious. Now that he’s gotten clean, his sister has allowed him to move in with her but he still insists on living in a doghouse in her backyard. He feels safe in the small space with the creatures that never rejected him.
We are interested in trying to understand any unique animal or primal behavior!

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Casting Location: Los Angeles
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