WWII Documentary – PA


Male actors needed for ongoing production of WWII documentary specifically about the war in North Africa 1942-43. Production is into it’s 4th year, although research began in 2006. Despite lengthy production due to lack of funding or help, the level of determination and dedication remains solid. To be clear, this project is NOT a short ‘fictional’ portrayal.

The staged recreations are based upon ‘real’ stories from our rapidly fading WWII veterans specific to the story. Through ongoing exhaustive searches and extensive travel in this country and Germany, the number of interviews has grown to nearly fifty. The approach is original and unique and has received high praise from historians. Several local cable companies are seriously interested in airing the documentary.

The required authenticity necessary for these difficult period shoots has been outstanding. Much of this made possible from dedicated WWII reeanactors.

Unfortunately there is no budget, however there will be compensation for travel, food, and overnight stay if necessary.

Before you reply please view the 3 minute trailer.
The acting and recreations will closely follow actual stories as told by specific veterans. The level of acting required varies from believable facial and physical action to some dialogue. Reliability and emotional maturity is MANDATORY. No Ego Problems. Please email me for further information about the story background and script.

Needed U.S. Army Portrayal; Caucasian male actor age 20-30 to portray a U.S. Army Lt. no taller than 6′, 200 lbs. Max. Short Military haircut, no facial hair. A slight Texas accent would be helpful. Photos of the veteran to be portrayed can be seen here; http://www.locationstudio.net/Charles-Web-1.jpg http://www.locationstudio.net/Charles-Web-1.jpg Physical similarities will be helpful & effective.

Two other actors needed should also be ages 20-30 and no taller than 5’10”. One actor should be able to recite a few lines in Italian. This shoot will take place near Lehighton Pennsylvania and occur sometime this spring/early summer. There will be a series of shoots taking place at the same location. Please do not inquire about this shoot if you cannot travel, or stay overnight.

Needed U.S. Navy Portrayal; Several Caucasian male actors age 20-30 to portray Navy Seamen. No taller than 5’10” 190 Lbs. Max. Short Military haircut, no facial hair. The scheduling for this shoot would occur on a Wednesday or Saturday and requires one full day in Baltimore.

Photos of these veterans can be seen here; http://www.locationstudio.net/Robert-Web-1.jpg http://www.locationstudio.net/Robert-Web-2.jpg http://www.locationstudio.net/Frank-Web.jpg

All inquiries; please provide your FULL clothing sizes, including shoe size, and hat size.

Michael Fraticelli